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Davinci Pro Print Head Connector Wiring

by EvlSmrk

Both of the black wires going into the connector that plugs into the print head board broke loose while I was removing the carriage to change my E3D V6 nozzle. Does anybody know which black wire goes into which connector slot, or does it even matter. I'm assuming they're ground, so it may not matter, but figured I'd check to see if anybody happened to have experienced this before. Any help would be appreciated. That k you in advance.

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Printing Issues - Davinci Jr 1.0 Pro

by lksmith

I've posted this question in other Davinci groups as well, to hopefully get an answer

Several months ago, I acquired the above printer to compliment my Anet A8. The first dozen or so prints this thing was AWESOME, pretty much Plug, select model, and play. Then all of a sudden it started going south. First started getting layer shifting, calibrated, did a small test print and it worked. Then went to do a full print and the problem came back with a vengence. Started shifting, extruding in different areas, globbing, getting stuck and then encasing the head in plastic. Cleaned everything up carefully, cleaned the nozzle, feed path, etc. Then tried and the same thing happened.Pulled out a few feet of filament to make sure it wasn't just a bad piece, with no help.

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Davinci 1.0 Repetier Arduino Due driver

by FTwingnut

I have a Davinci 1.0 flashed with Repetier firmware and it's been printing great for a couple years now. The PC that was hosting this printer was running slow, and started having issues, so I built up a new PC with a freshly installed OS (Win7 32 bit) and installed Repetier-Server, Repetier-Host, and Arduino IDE. When connecting the printer to USB, the new PC doesn't find the correct driver for the device (It lists it as an Arduino Due in Device Manager, but with a yellow exclamation point). I have tried downloading different versions of the Arduino IDE, but none of them ever supply the correct driver to make Device Manager happy and assign a COM port to it.

Help! How do I obtain the correct drivers for this printer?

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Motor brackets

by Loneranger55

Looking for external mounts for an external filament motor my enternal motor dead so i had to buy an external one. Need to mount it on top of my davinci can anyone help

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Burned laser on AIO scanner.

by farjat

One of the 2 lasers of the AIO 3dscanner doesnt work FROM FACTORY.
Since im in argentina i cant just ask guarrantee.

I inverted them and its the diode itself, not the connection or board.
Which diode model to replace?

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