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Anycubic Kossel Plus running extruder for loading

by Cjwelcome

Hello everyone! im having a problem with my Anycubic delta that im not sure how to solve. I've installed a bondtech bowden end extruder on my printer and there is no option or process in running the stepper motor attached to it in order to load filament through the extruder. does anyone know if there is a setting or a simple code that can be added into marlin to have this setting on my machine?

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Print quality

by eeveeminer

I just got a 101hero delta printer(my very first) and got it assembled and running, but after the first print where it shifted 2 times it does this thing where it'll retract but then filament oozes out and it gets wiped on the build and ruins it. How can I adjust to fix this for less shifted and smoother prints?

101Hero new
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Endstop Error: Z Drive/Channel incorrectly moves after home.

by StalkerFox

A few months ago my D-Force delta workhorse burnt its board. I am not sure what caused it but the DC input terminal melted and left a holed in the circuit board. Anyhow.

After a long wait I received my MicroMake Makerboard Mini (Ramps 1.4) controller board and spent the weekend rebuilding the printer with new linears and magnetic effector joints. Loaded the firmware but for the love of me I couldn't get the machine to run anywhere near level. After a full day of re-checking everything I noticed the Z-tower endstop behaving as follow:

When I home all the axis the Z-tower carriage touches the limit switch, triggers it and then fails to match the movement pattern of the other towers. Instead of touching, moving down 5mm, touching and then finally moving down 3mm it barely resets the limit switch. The effect is that the Z-tower is 4mm higher than the others.

I figured it might be the limits switch. It tested fine, normally closed with snappy and predictable motion, but I figured I could just as well replace it. I replaced it twice, with the same results.

Perhaps all my spare switches are faulty then? So I decided to switch my Z-tower wiring with my Y-tower. The result is that the Z-tower (running on the Y-tower driver) runs fine while the Y-tower (now connected with the Z-motor drive and endstop terminal) repeats the same error. I repeated the exercise, swapping the Z-tower and the X-tower which gave similar results.

My conclusion is that my wiring is working but the that error lies with the output from my Z-tower motor driver or the Z-tower End-stop terminal.

I have checked the Configuration.h file and I cannot find anything wrong with either the End-stop or XYZ movements sections (They match the code I loaded on the original board).

Am I Correct in concluding the error is hardware? What else can I check? Getting a new board is problematic since I have to import it, which takes 4 months.

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by nuggyblake

I finally managed to get my frankenstein Anycubic Linear Plus to work (just printed my first 100mm tall object (not too bad). I had to guess at the stepper voltages, which I think may be set too high. So, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what the correct (ballpark) stepper voltages should be for X, Y and Z motors (and if you now the E, that would be awesome). I set them around 0.8v, but I suspect they should be lower (0.6 ?). I have googled etc but there does not seem to be a wealth of knowledge. Most of the videos I have seen with ramps, set them around 0.6.



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New to group and Delta Printers

by Blkrose383

Hello everyone,

Been here on Thingiverse for a while now. I currently print with an Anet A8 which i have modified with tons on files from here and have got it pretty dang reliable. Took a little while but it was all worth it in the end. I learned a lot from the time it arrived at my door to assemble and right up to just this morning when i finished my latest print job. As a tinkerer i am always looking for a new project and found a nice Delta printer on here (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1902229) and said what the heck. Lets build a big one!!!!!! Got myself a 1 kg spool of Lime Green filament and started printing on the old Anet. Once all the printing was done i said how big do i wanna go? Well there is an old saying GO BIG OR GO HOME. I ended up buying (3)1220mm or 48" 2040 aluminum extrusions for the vertical beams and (9)1010mm or 24" extrusions for the horizontal beams. This allowed me to fab up a 3mm X 400mm or 16" diameter aluminum build plate which will be heated. I finally got the frame assembly all together this morning and this definitely is a MONSTER DELTA. Just need to get the smooth rods and some more 5mm Tee Nuts and all the mechanical stuff will be complete . Then i get to move on to the fun of getting all the electronics, wiring it all up and then the dreaded setup. I would share some pics of the build if someone will gimme an idea how to post them to a TOPIC. I am not seeing any kind of way to attach photos. I will just put them with the i built one on here for now. Also anyone out there that is using a custom delta that they built i would love to know what firmware and configurationh file ya are using.

Thanks for taking time to read and any possible help you may be able to provide in the future.

Pentachoron - Delta 3D Printer
by MacNite
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