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by lilykill

Hello and Welcome!.

I aim to create a group that helps each other with making awesome prints for all of us to enjoy. I will help in anyway I can to help you design item for printing from simple modeling advice to FEA. If we have enough members then the community will make this self perpetuating and overall a much more enjoyable experience.

Feel free to ask anything that you might need help with as there is always something new to learn.

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3D Printed Water Bottle Holder

by ekaran50

With everyone so focused on printing masks, SelfCAD decided to design something that will help people outside of the quarantine.

Check out how it was designed in this video.


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Please help

by JandJFPV

I hate to be a bother in this group but i am having lots of trouble with this model im making i was wondering if anyone will be able to help me or at least point me in the right direction.

For some reason almost anything i model in blender has walls to thin for cura to pick up. What should I do?

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Designing a lid for a box

by Nickduino

I've designed a box to hold a gas soldering iron, a lighter, tweezers, a bit of solder, a sponge, etc.

I've designed it from a solid block and extruded-cut whatever space I needed from a median plane. Now, I want to split it in halves to have a bottom and a lid. That's not an issue. What I need help with, though, is designing a locking mechanism.

Seeing how the lid has deep cuts, I don't think I can use hinges and open it an an angle. So, two completely separate parts, maybe two keyed connections ? And two locking "flaps"?

I'm no product designer and I'd like some guidance to learn the best practice

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Fallout 4 Prop Idea's?

by lilykill

If you haven't already seen, I have modelled several in-game weapons, What other props do you think would be worth modeling for printing?.

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