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Help with a design?

by RVJimD

Found this group and it seems like a great idea.

I have used Tinkercad just a bit and then started using Fusion 360. I knew I wanted to learn enough about whichever program(s) I adopted and I felt that Tinkercad had too many limitations.

I made a video the other day regarding a hobby projects I am trying to design. My hope was the video (pictures) would describe the goal better than I could do with text alone. Here is the video link, I would love some pointers if anyone has thoughts on the topic after watching the video.




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Centering pieces on other pieces

by GhostMouse

Hi everyone! Playing around with a design and getting a bit frustrated. I want to center one of the objects on top of another but I cannot figure out how. Using TinkerCAD. It's difficult to move things along a certain plane, I cannot seem to click an arrow and shove a thing a tiny bit that way or anything. Does anyone know how I can move something in relation to something else rather than in relation to the grid?

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Wood Filament Nozzle

by Soundwave12345

I got some wood filament for Christmas, but am unsure which nozzle type to purchase.
Ruby is too expensive ($90)
stainless steel is cheaper, but will wallow out faster than higher grades.
I know I can't use a brass for it.
(i have this: https://www.amazon.com/MG-Chemicals-Printer-Filament-1-75mm/dp/B018MG4SK6)

nozzles Wood_Filament
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Super n00b question for n00bz

by GhostMouse

So... how do I make sure my design is the right size? There are rulers and stuff in TinkerCAD (all the free software I've amassed and I still play with that the most, oops) but they don't have a unit, just numbers. Is it mm? in? cm? kilometers? Or is that something that gets sorted in the slicer program? I don't have my printer yet but when I get it, it's got a pretty specific set of dimensions it can do so I'm trying to make sure stuff I design fits into it.

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I came from freecad, scetchup, now I use Design Spark Mechanical

by Copyright

They reason why was:
I had no skills in CAD/CAM and don't wanted to learn it "the hard way" by expensive tools and training.
DSM is free to use and very easy to learn.
You will improove your skills with every design you do.

I learned to love the layers, objects can be combined or seperated with many supporting functions.
Also "problematic" things like a text (any windows font) on a surface is no problem with DSM.
One of the best features of the program are the multiple import formats supported.

You can open:
DS Mechanical-Data (.rsdoc)
ECAD-Data (
.idf; .idb; .emn)
Object-Data (.obj)
Scetchup-Data (
STEP-Data (.stp; .step)
3D-Print-Data (*.stl)

Just have a look on my designs here in Thingiverse

Kind regards to you all,

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