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Thingiverse Developer Portal is live!

by glitchpudding

The new Thingiverse Developer Portal is now available, providing documentation, resources, and enrollment for developers. The Developer Portal includes instructions on how to develop apps for Thingiverse, how to submit apps to MakerBot, and a new sandbox that allows developers to test their apps. The Developer Portal also outlines developer guidelines and lets developers manage their apps and view analytics such as app usage, views, download numbers, and payments. If you have the idea for Thingiverse’s next killer app, go to the Thingiverse Developer Portal to get started today.

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Browse back

by joblackk4949

Every time I click on an item, returning back will kick me back to the very beginning of the listing. For the love of god, please fix this. It is a waist of time. Shouldn't be that difficult to fix this by keeping track and list where i left off viewing.

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the pagination doesn't update the items preview card image

by ZIOLele

on first page load (page:1) the page correctly load all the preview page, but when loading next pages (i.E: page:2) the correct url is inserted in data-src attribute, but it never get loaded or set ad src attribute. The behaviour is repeatable with any page a direvt load of page:4 will load correctly that page previews, but moving up or down would rnf up in pages full of default previews.

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Access token verified but all API calls return 401 Unauthorized

by Sculpto

A user of my app has an access token that passes token verification, but all calls made to the API return

401 Unauthorized
{"error": "Unauthorized"}

Even requesting https://api.thingiverse.com/users/me?access_token="access_token" results in the error.
I think this happens when the user deletes his account.
It would be really nice if tokens became invalidated when users delete their account, so they no longer pass token verification.

If you want to test with the token and app id in question, message me on private email.

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API: results limited at 30, now what?

by tedder

I'm doing a GET on a user's collections. The user has more than 30 collections, but the results are limited to 30. There's nothing in the resulting JSON other than the list of collections- in other words, no 'next' or cursor or anything, and the API docs don't even imply the results are limited.

Can I request more results? Can I sort them by collection creation date/last modified date? The latter would allow me to only need one 'page'.

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