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Thingiverse Developer Portal is live!

by glitchpudding

The new Thingiverse Developer Portal is now available, providing documentation, resources, and enrollment for developers. The Developer Portal includes instructions on how to develop apps for Thingiverse, how to submit apps to MakerBot, and a new sandbox that allows developers to test their apps. The Developer Portal also outlines developer guidelines and lets developers manage their apps and view analytics such as app usage, views, download numbers, and payments. If you have the idea for Thingiverse’s next killer app, go to the Thingiverse Developer Portal to get started today.

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Bugged markdown feature / isn´t working at all

by markBear

Hey recently I uploaded new design on my thingiverse account, I tried to use the Markdown feature, I typed in the code for links, markdowns etc.. in the Summary it works somehow but if I type in more words it screws up... I am pretty sure my code is good because in Preview feature it works, If I click "done editing" it puts everything together without spacers and the code is showed up as I typed it in, please help or fix this. Thanks

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large stl's fail to upload most of the time

by spool2kool

this has been an on going problem since about 1.5 years and needs to be fixed. large stl's fail to upload and they are not huge either. like a 15MB stl even fails. while my connection is a hair slower than it should be, other sites don't have this issue. not sure if there's some kind of size limit but it is very annoying!

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App Approval Delay

by cloud3dprint

I have created app and submitted for approval. I have checked that the processing time for approval is around 3 days, however it has been more then two weeks still it shows that Your app is currently in our submission queue. We will notify you when your app has been approved. I tried to contact thingiverse using contact form and messages but did not get any response from them. If anyone knows the way to reach thingiverse team or help regarding this issue would be great. Thanks

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customizer window too small

by spool2kool

customizer window is too small which makes it difficult to use. i'm using chrome.

bug customizer
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