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Thingiverse Developer Portal is live!

by glitchpudding

The new Thingiverse Developer Portal is now available, providing documentation, resources, and enrollment for developers. The Developer Portal includes instructions on how to develop apps for Thingiverse, how to submit apps to MakerBot, and a new sandbox that allows developers to test their apps. The Developer Portal also outlines developer guidelines and lets developers manage their apps and view analytics such as app usage, views, download numbers, and payments. If you have the idea for Thingiverse’s next killer app, go to the Thingiverse Developer Portal to get started today.

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Explain how to attach video contend for the benefit of new users

by SavageRodent

When i wanted to include a video clip in one of my uploads I had to dig around on Google to find the answer and just now I've answered someone else asking the same question.
Attaching a Youtube video to a Thing by putting the URL in the text is ok as a solution! But it's not very intuitive that doing this will incorporate the video clip itself into the page.

I suggesting that on the Drag and Drop files window there should t be a brief explanation of how to attaching / incorporate videos.

Ideally within the Drag and Drop files window there would be a text box for uploading the URLs of web based content like (but not exclusively) Youtube videos.
It would also be good if these URLs generated a little thumbnail on the Edit Thing page so it was possible to reorder them like you can with the images and STL files.

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Bug Report - Broken hyperlinks on Made items.

by SavageRodent

hay guys just a heads up. I noticed on Made things the, little round, Profile Photos, of both maker and designer don't work as hyperlinks as they do everywhere else on the site.

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API Updates 2017-08-28

by catherine
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the API where the Thing ID was not being returned as an integer when querying the Things API for popular Things.

Full site updates are available at: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/thingiverse/topic:20102

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