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Thingiverse Developer Portal is live!

by glitchpudding

The new Thingiverse Developer Portal is now available, providing documentation, resources, and enrollment for developers. The Developer Portal includes instructions on how to develop apps for Thingiverse, how to submit apps to MakerBot, and a new sandbox that allows developers to test their apps. The Developer Portal also outlines developer guidelines and lets developers manage their apps and view analytics such as app usage, views, download numbers, and payments. If you have the idea for Thingiverse’s next killer app, go to the Thingiverse Developer Portal to get started today.

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Two features I would like to see...

by spool2kool

First, I would like to see a scheduled submit option on things. That is, schedule a thing to go public on a certain date and maybe to be able to edit the thing before as well as after submission too. Why not! YouTube and many others have this. It would be great for the holidays.

Second, I would like to see a openSCAD version drop down for the customizers' submission settings to choose between 2015.x.x and the latest snapshot/release (release when released of course). Version 2018 runs faster because of multi-threading and has other new features like, of all things it even has customizer built in. So using 2018 would probably be easier for customizers' developers to implement due to it having customizer already.

customizer feature_request scheduled_submission
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Infinity scroll still not working on Crome.

by SavageRodent

Is there any prospect of Infinity scroll getting repaired any time soon? It has been broken for quite a while now.

OS = windows 7

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Feature request

by Quixotic

I didn't know where else to put my feature request but figured it might get through to someone here.

Would it be possible to pipe .stl files generated by Customizer into 3d print services? I can currently "monetize" my designs if I directly upload an .stl and someone chooses to donate, whilst using a 3d print service. Why doesn't the Customizer offer to send the generated file to a 3d print service?

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Access token verified but all API calls return 401 Unauthorized

by Sculpto

A user of my app has an access token that passes token verification, but all calls made to the API return

401 Unauthorized
{"error": "Unauthorized"}

Even requesting https://api.thingiverse.com/users/me?access_token="access_token" results in the error.
I think this happens when the user deletes his account.
It would be really nice if tokens became invalidated when users delete their account, so they no longer pass token verification.

If you want to test with the token and app id in question, message me on private email.

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