REST API: how to upload and update a Thing to my own profile

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I'd like to upload and update projects on my profile, using a custom code that could do this via REST API.

I created an app on Thingiverse and I got a client id, a client secret and an access token.

Using access token I can browse projects without problems but I can't understand the syntax for update my own projects.

In this API reference I can't see how to use client id and/or client secret.

Is there some example on how to use the REST calls?


Today, I've successfully used POSTMAN to obtain an OAuth2.0 token and verify that its a read-write against the Thingiverse API. See screenshot.

Using that token and POSTMAN, I can view my list of things (including unpublished Things...indicating that it has user-specific privileges), list categories, etc.

However, when I've tried to create a new Thing or issue a simple update to my profile it fails. All I manage to get is a "Bad Request" returned from the API server. If anyone figures this out, let me know.