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Ray Wu P5 panel brackets?

by tthompson333

Has anyone created and/or know where we could find P5 panel brackets? T shaped, right/left angle, X cross, etc.

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Christmas Lighters - Right Time - Right Place Pacific NW

by PapasLights

Stumbled on this group. FYI - I am one of Four chair persons that is preparing for the Mini Convention in Olympia Washington the weekend of April 28th Friday and Saturday. This is (I believe) our 10th year to hold this free event - and the theme is always "How to create a better animated light show" with everything from mini to mega trees - Light-O-Rama controllers (the original starter was LOR's very first distributor of LOR products - if your familiar with LOR - Bill has since passed away) - pixels and all the goodies that make them light our neighborhoods. This years main theme is 3D printing - with yours truly as one of three presenting. I will be showing here many of the pieces i have designed for the light show. Please contact me at papaslights@gmail.com for more info on the convention - everybody welcome - its a fun time. DIY - that is the name of the game. BTW - we have two $50K winners of the "Great American Light Fight" done by ABC in our group - one is attending this year for sure. I look forward to showing off my pieces...

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Christmas Tree

by JodyCochran

We try to create a custom and unique tree each year, Last year was our first time to incorporate 3D printing with it. This yeah I'm working on something where a small Christmas train winds it way up the tree, and back down through some "branches" Has anyone seen any reference or inspiration for something like this? Thanks!

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P10 Brackets

by trevorst

Just wondering if anyone has made any brackets for mounting the p10's together. I am looking to do a 2x2 matrix

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