3d printed robotic arm

by ioannou0

well , i wanted to design and build a robotic arm for some automation that i want to do and there is no doubt that seeing your own creations work is awsome , if you want to take a look , you are more than welcome o do so ! !

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The best BUDGET 3d printer you NEVER heard of !

by ioannou0

whats up my fellow 3d geeks ?? i am sharing this mostly for the new people but it would be a privilege to get your opinion on it !

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3d printed workbench !

by ioannou0

well i figured this would be useful to many of you wanting to setup your workshop cheaply ! easy prints , and effective results

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3d printed cnc

by ioannou0

what do you guys think ? the results are not the best , but its our project and we will keep improving it , no matter what ! i hope you enjoy it too ! and i also hope to earn your sub since we are doing a lot of work for those projects !!

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3D Materials for Cold Weather Applications

by zacharyboughner

I am designing some mountaineering equipment for a friend. I would like to do as much of it in plastic as possible in an effort to keep it all as light weights as possible. The parts are going to see repeated impacts and need to retain their form, they also need to not become brittle in the cold, what materials can I use for this?

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3d printed closet upgrades

by ioannou0

those are some 3d printed upgrades that i made to renovate my closet to fit all of my scuba gear since i dont have enough space in my apartment and i need to have them somewhere tidy! feel free to check it out !

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Recycling filament extruder survey for school project

by cookierobot2

Hi everyone!

As part of a school project where I am investigating how viable a recycling filament extruder is for hobbyists, I have set up a small survey so I can get an understanding of how the average person uses their printer and filament. I am doing this as the information I collect will allow me to come to a conclusion whether hobbyists should recycle their waster prints in a filament extruder. I will do this by comparing the trends from the survey to the amount of money and time it takes to make my own filament extruder.

You don't have to own a filament extruder to take this survey and it should take less than 3 minutes. It should also go without saying that all information in anonymous.

I really appreciate your help and look forward to being able to give back to the community in the same way you have helped me!

Here's the link to the survey:

Thanks again!


If you wanted some more information about filament extruders here are some great websites to have a look at:

All3DP's breakdown of different extruders you can build/buy and some general information:

Ian Mcmill's Instructable on how to build a DIY filament extruder:

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design accurate parts

by ioannou0

greetings everyone , i post this video to demonstrate how easy it is to design a functional part that fits your needs without having to print it multiple times
so maybe watch the 3min tutorial i made and express your opinion in the comment section ! your help means the world to me !!

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DIY Maker Discord

by kadse

Hey, feel free to join our active Discord server, we talk about 3D Printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other maker topics! We help each other and share our (work in progress) projects!


chat community discord
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