3D Materials for Cold Weather Applications

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I am designing some mountaineering equipment for a friend. I would like to do as much of it in plastic as possible in an effort to keep it all as light weights as possible. The parts are going to see repeated impacts and need to retain their form, they also need to not become brittle in the cold, what materials can I use for this?

I don't know about cold performance, but you could always just throw prototypes in the freezer and see what happens. Keep in mind that the cold will shrink the object, so you'll want to factor this deformation into your design. You'll probably want to focus on getting strength from thicker walls rather than high infill. That will keep it light and ensure there's space to shrink into.

Considering the stakes involved with mountaineering, if this is mission-critical equipment your friend should probably just get them from a supplier reputed for quality manufacturing and thorough testing.