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Print platform no longer at bottom upon completion of print...

by Durs26

I've noticed that my last 2 prints, which were successful, did not complete as usual with the platform being sent to the bottom of my 3d20 for "easy" removal. Is there a setting something that i may have changed somewhere without knowing it? Do i need to re calibrate? This is weird. Anyone ran into this before?


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3D45: Need fan shroud assembly for school

by eduncan911

So we had a failed print overnight, and PETG for 8+ hours made a massive baseball size blob all over the hotend assembly.

I was able to break away most of it. However, the victims of this disaster are the heater block and surrounding fan shroud - now fused together in PETG for eternity.
I can pick up another hotend assembly online. However, I need to find a fan shroud.
Would anyone have a fan shroud to donate to a non-profit?

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Long pauses resulting in heat creep

by beaugalbraith

My 3D45 seems to pause during prints, I've tested the gcode on my Ender 3 and there is no pause, so these stops are specific to 3D45. In general this isn't a problem when I'm printing with PLA and ABS, however when using any brand of PETG this long pause combined with 250+ temperature causes the filament to expand.. then when it resumes the rest of the print is completely underextruded. I can't even change filament because there is such a big clog in the nozzle. This is happening every print above 240, but there is no issue whenever I have a very small print and no long pause occurs.

Anybody else experiencing this? I'm about to revert to the previous firmware to see if that resolves the pausing.

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3D45 Calibration Issue

by science_rocket

I have a 3D45 that has an odd problem. When I first got it, it was fine, but recent prints seem to be out of calibration. The Z (vertical axis), and the Y axis (depth) seem fine .. but the X axis seems to print about 5% too wide. That is if trying to print a square plate, the height and depth will be as specified but the width is about 5% too wide.

I have a second 3D45 that seems to no problems.

Dremel tech support seems unable to resolve. Any thoughts?

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Help please, I'm lost here

by AmericanEducated01

So I had a failed print last night and clogged the nozzle. I tried some cold pills and it seemed like there was no clog. I thought maybe my issue was with the step motor, but I had a spare nozzle and decided today was the day to attempt my first repair (or anything really) I have mostly disabled hands so I bought the Dremel 3d45 for its plug and play aspect and it's been great. My 12 year old son removes the prints and I run the slicer. We have been printing 24/7 for a few months now with little issues only.

So we change the nozzle and think we have solves the issue because now the printing purges filament normal. Also when we go to the change filament option material flows through the nozzle like it always has.

I go to print and no material comes out and I hear clicking in the extruder. I test both purge and filament change and again both have the material flowing the same as when everything was fine.

My next idea is to remove everything from the nozzle assembly (head, or whatever its called) and check the step motor. No matter how I word my Google searches for my printer removing and cleaning the step motor.

Would a dirty step motor allow material to flow normally during a purge and filament change? Then just click and extrude zero material?

Dremel 3d45
Speed 50
And everything the same as always


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