New Dremel Digilab software for 3D20

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I haven't used Thingiverse groups much but I had to come search out other Dremel users to make sure they know.
Dremel released both a firmware update and new version of their Digilab slicer that hopefully makes the 3D20 a much more successful printer.
I've been using one for over two years now. It's been upgraded a few times. But the software was of course lacking. I used Print Studio pretty much exclusively once I found it (then windows 10 broke it, then fixed it again, thankfully.)
Digilab is based on Cura and is therefore a superior product from the get go. But much more importantly the new firmware supports printing plain gcode files. So any gcode slicer is an option now. So Craftware, real Cura, Kisslicer, Makerware, Matter Control, RepG, Slic3r and others are all a possibility.
I would consider the V1.5 firmware to still be a bit beta. I've had a couple of odd starts on files but so far mostly so good. The only thing lacking now is Dremel has to re-write the USB drivers(and get them submitted to and approved by Microsoft)... so you're stuck running prints from the SD card which I hadn't been in forever but ah well, the price of progress.
Hope this is useful info for everyone.
Thanks for reading,
Archie (Codyacehardware)

P.S. Just realized that this might open the door to Octoprint as well if they make the USB more standard. Exciting times.

Thx mate! The move to open source software is great!