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WANHAO DUPLICATOR 4 with octoprint

by D76X


I have a WANHAO DUPLICATOR 4 no changes have been made to it the board is mightyboard and firmware version is 1.0. I can connect it an control it using ReplicatorG just fine.

Has anyone experience on connecting this 3D printer to OctoPrint - I tried but the connection is never successful.

I see that the printer on /dev/ttyACM0 but no matter what Baudrate I select the connection always times out on OctoPrint sending the first command for the handshake N0 M110 N0*125.

Does anyone have experience with this set-up so that can provide information i.e. links to articles or such on how to successfully use OctoPrint with WanHao Duplicator 4?


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Filament always breaking off

by n50043


got a D4s. It loads fine but then when it starts printing nothing comes out and i can pull it back out with no force. see pic. First the wheel on the motor was loose, fixed it. happened again. then i raised the temp when loading to 245 c fixed it, now is happening again. im out of ideas.. you guys have an idea?
maybe apply thermo paste ?


thx for your help !

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Duplicator 4s rattling and going crazy

by n50043


i got the 4s used and it printed well for the first few days. Now somtimes (i cant tell when) all of the sudden i hear loud grinding noises and the printer goes nuts and prints all over the place. One time it had to power it off because it would do this right away when canceling and starting a new print. After power off and on it worked again.

What can be the issue here ?

im a total noob and trying to gather information right now.

thank you for your help!


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Best Active Cooling Setup

by Monty3dp

Hi everyone,

So I've decided to reconnect my left extruder because I just miss ditto printing! It saves so much time... This means having to remove the AC setup I had inplace of the left extruder.

My question is, what's the best AC mod available on thingiverse right now?? Particularly one that uses a blower fan instead of a radial fan...

There's just too much at the moment, and before I go ahead printing off a few only to see they're no good, I'm hoping someone out there has a decent setup that works well and allows you to home / prime your extruders at the start of every print without it jamming into doors and stuff

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Mightyboard replaced and motors no workie!!

by 3E8

My original Wanhao Duplicator 4's main board (Mightyboard Rev A) had to be replaced as the heated bed sensors and other things started dying. I paid a 100 bucks on ebay for a Mightyboard Rev G and placed all the wires identically as they were on my original Rev A board. The lights and display powered on and I'm able to navigate the screen and the nozzle heats up BUT I have yet to see the motors move at all. I initially started with the original stepper motor wiring of "Orange Brown Red Yellow" (looking at the parts side of the board, steppers on the left, top-down of the stepper motor connector). Then, I did the google search and found a diagram that showed the wiring for Rev G to be "Red Grn Prpl Blk" which, according to other sources is equivalent to "Brn Red Orange Ylw" - Both configurations have yielded identical results in NONE of the motors moving (even with the arrow step diagnostic).

I have the original Makerbot Stepper Motor Drivers which have the phases arranged thusly: 1B 1A 2A 2B (reading top-down on component silkscreen). Firmware is Version 7.5 and the front screen says "The Replicator" at the top.

Any ideas??

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