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Big Jig Rig?

by Le_Ferreira

I was looking for the Big Jig Rig and it seems that it has been taken down.a video on youtube is all I found :(
does anyone have the files or links that can share them with me?

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Big thanks for my latest Mod...

by Big-E

Hey all, I wanted to thank everyone for the inspiration on my latest box mod. I't an unregulated dual 18650 parallel build in a Hammond G-style enclosure. to get the full lowdown, follow the link below for my photobucket album on the build:

BTW, I just posted a replacement Glass tank design for the EHPRO Billow V1. These things are hard to find glass for. If you need replacement glass for a Billow V1 RTA, give it a try (be sure to follow the print instructions)

(There's a pic of my box mod in there too, it's in the 3rd photo)

I made my first box mod 6 or 7 years ago, and I've made others since. This latest one is my new favorite, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contributes vaping designs on Thingiverse who helped inspire me (especially guys like AnalogDan who designed the sled I used, and Stylesuxx for his Hammond box customizer) Thanks also go out to Motley Mods, as they provided most of the components that went into it's construction.

Billow V1 Tank Glass
by Big-E
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Gang mod

by phydoux669

can someone design a printable Gang mod????

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Smoking Kills. Vaping is a safer alternative. Try it

by Pandoras_Box

A Page to share your e-cig, box mods, setups, design, news and information.

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