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The new guy with the dumb questions

by serget

Hello, I'm from Belgium and fairly new at 3D printing, currently building a hypercube, one of the reasons I got in to 3D-printing was when I heard of Enable, and I am willing to print and send 3D-printed limbs to anybody who needs it really but to be practical I think it's easiest in the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) But I can't find any enable group around here that is still functioning or asking for new prints, anybody know a group in my region that I can offer my services to?

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e-NABLE Phoenix Hand v2

by FablabMelbourne

can anyone point us to the cad files?

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The Ultimate e-NABLE collection

by glitchpudding

I'm looking to create an e-NABLE collection to feature on the front page. I'd love some suggestions as to what belongs in such a collection. If I was going to include 10 designs, which 10 should they be?

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Getting started

by ukcat

I have a friend whose 6 y/o granddaughter was born missing her left forearm/hand. She cannot grasp anything with the partial elbow she does have.

I REALLY want to help her out, but am a bit overwhelmed with all of the great information out there. Can you help point me in the right direction on how to start such a project?

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