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Lab Power Supply

by Kanata

I have made a variable voltage power supply from an old computer atx, but as I am doing more precision electronics projects, I would Like to buy a Lab power supply.
I would like to spend about $100 - $150.
I would appreciate any advice before I buy one.

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Switches and 12v regulated psus

by LayZ1307

I'm wanting to purchase either :
12v 3a switches or
12v 5a switches (more expensive same thing)

To replace something similar to this :

Power switch -1 pc (rated 250V 1A, for mounting hole 13x19mm)

The fact that his power switch is rated 1a makes no sense to me. Does this mean my 3a switch model could replace this switch in the same build? Or should I stick with 5a like the psu will be rated? (I have 5a and 30a psus both of which I want to switch on and off).

ToyREP Power Supply Cover
by thorgal
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Right place to ask LED wiring questions?

by ukcat

I am very new to LED wiring in my 3D printing projects and need some advice on the one I am now attempting. Is this the correct forum to ask?

If yes, the pic roughly shows what I have and what I am attempting. Three strings of four LED bulbs that I want to wire through a switch and (hopefully) power with a 9V battery.

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Main board almost caught fire?

by Fallen_Empire99

So I was luckily up when i started to smell smoke and stuff off my printers main board then hear popping and fizzling, luckily they're sending me out a new mainboard for the printer but the thing is less then a month old and I was wondering what part of the PCB this is that went bad, any help appreciated I'm just skeptical about the new one they're sending too and want to see if I should do anything to try to prevent this, I already on this one went over all the voltage with a multi-meter and made sure it was ll correct so I don't know what could of caused it but it does look like its the part that connects to the heated bed correct me if Im wrong, and also sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this..Board is Zrib V5 by Zonestar on the Z9 printer

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Help Hunting down a head

by jedimasta

I was randomly browsing the board last week when I came across a user who'd created an animatronic head framework with multiple articulation points. I left the tab open, but an untimely windows update and consequent cache clearing has left my searching for it again. I've run a bunch of varied searched and still can't find what I'm looking for.

There were a couple of defining characteristics: the base mouth had an array of mounting holes. The jaw could articulate in two different places to create frowns or smiles. The user linked to a video if the whole thing singing, I'm pretty sure by way of an Arduino, Old Macdonald's farm, though I can't be sure. I've done a few searches on youtube as well and didn't find what I was looking for.

Has anyone seen this around, maybe saved the link somewhere? Could you link it? I'd really love to adapt the framework to my project but I can't seem to find the dern thing.


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