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Factory files for this machine?

by bdunlea_03

Just bought a used one and it never came with ab SD card, has anyone the files with the sample.gcode and manuals etc

Ender 2 Files Help Oem
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beginner settings

by andyspeirs

hi, what are good settings to set the gcode to, nozzle temp, bed temp, etc, should I be putting anything on the bed like hairspray or glue to start with? thanks,

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Slic3r settings for Ender2

by Eskibrew

Does anyone have nicely working settings for the Ender2 in Slic3r and would be willing to share them or can you point me to somewhere I can find them?

I have got the printer working reasonably well but I suspect it can perform a lot better so I'm not convinced the settings are optimal for it.

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Stepper control bypass

by Leighsif


Does anyone have/know where I can get my hands on a copy of the mother board schematics? The extruder stepper control on my board seems to have stopped working. The rest of the board is in good working condition, and I can run a print with no issue (minus the fact that there is no filament being pushed through). My plan is to bypass the stepper controller section of the board with a 3rd party controller off amazon but, I don’t know where I need to tie the various terminals from the controller into the motherboard, hence why I’m looking for the schematics.

Can anyone help?


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Need Help with my Ender 2 Extrudermotor

by Yandris


My little new toy arrived on Saturday. After that build up the first fright "my extruder motor does not work!". After some trial and error i noticed the driver for the extruder motor was set "too high?". So just set the reference voltage like the other drivers - ERROR! Later I found that the motor only goes when the hotend has heated. Now the motor does "hopping" when printing ;-(. Temparatur I have now at 240 degrees with PLA! To much in my opinion.

Now the question: can someone call the reference voltage from the driver of the extruder Motor? - I think there was the error.

Best regards and sorry for my bad english ;-)

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