Ender 3 Must have Mods

by SuperNova0605

Hi, I am just about to get my first Creality Ender 3 and would like to know what are some mods that are must-haves. I know there are tons of things like this on Reddit, but none are super clear. Thanks and I hope you guys can help!

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Printing Issue with new ender 3

by Joeyrvlife

Every time I try and print something its gets lifted from the bed. I have leveled and reveled the bed time after time. I have adjusted the extruder temp and bed heat 5 -10 degrees up and down and still the print object lifts from the bed during printing. I have tried only PLA and PLA + but both do the exact same thing. Any ideas

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??bad bed leveling??

by Budje

Ender 3 bed leveling.

i leveled mine bed, i use a raft underneath the model.
But now ( as we type) the raft is curling up. what did i wrong?
also is the bed heated. 60 degrees. C

can anyone help me.

bed leveling ender 3 Quadcopter
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Lost buzzer after loading TH3D unified firmware

by NikDFish

I recently (i.e. this week) loaded the current version (U1.R2.7) of TH3D unified firmware on my Ender 3. It is printing fine but I no longer get a beep when interacting with the LCD menu. Is this a normal byproduct of going to this firmware? I am using pretty much a plain vanilla configuration, no auto bed leveling but did ditch the boot screen in exchange for manual mesh bed leveling. I would like to get the audible confirmation of an encoder "click" function back if possible.

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MKS V1.0

by BloodDropred

I have renewed my Ender 3 on the board MKS V1. I would like to ask if you have any tips? Also, I would like to ask if one knows how to upgrade Ender 3 to dual extrusion with this board

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2nd Generation Hero Me hot-end cooling system

by mediaman

Check out my 2nd generation Hero Me hot-end mount for all Creality CR series, Ender series (and clones), with OEM, single & dual 5015 part cooling fans, and ABL options(EZABL & BLTouch). Lots of updates from great feedback received from many users: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3182917

This update has refinements across most all of the parts. Parts with 'Gen2' in the filename are this second generation. Parts without 'Gen2' have not changed, but are fully compatible with the this second generation.

Improvements include:
Hero Me Base -
Larger reinforced wire guide with much more space for hot-end wires.
Supports OEM and MicroSwiss hot-ends
Easy access channel for top X-gantry bolt

Hero Me Ducts (OEM fan, single & dual 5015 fans)
Greatly improved clearance from lower X-gantry wheel nut
Reinforced and tapered mounting tabs for better fit to base
Refined duct tips for better air flow to parts
Increased adjustable height range for better alignment to hot-end nozzle
Wider channels for the 5015 fan clips (holds the two sides of the fan case together).
Retired 'B' versions of ducts (redundant and wastes filament)

Base Lock, EZABL, & BLTouch mounts
Resized M3 bolt mount rings to better fit the Hero Me Base

BLTouch adjustable wing mount (dual 5015 fans)
Moved mount 2.5mm to the left to give better wire clearance with second 5015 fan
Offset locations updated above
Retired the fixed position BLTouch mounts

EZABL mounts (OEM fan, single & dual 5015 fans)
Refined clip to better fit around base
Added spacers for EZABL mini

Added an LED strip mount.

All updates from Oct-Nov are incorporated in Gen 2 versions.

Hero Me Gen2 - OEM & 5015 Fans - Ender 3, CR-10
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Frequent electrical shocks

by Gator421

I get frequent light shocks whenever I touch bare metal on my Ender 3. Not serious but annoying as hell. Any ideas how to stop this?

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problem with the printer

by yackito

hello to all I am new in this world, I started with the ender3 and everything very well, doing tests in the hot bed, unintentionally I made a short circuit,
I jump a spark in the hot bed, as a result of that the engines do not work.
someone would be so kind to give me a solution to this problem. It works everything except the engines.
Thanks in advance

I'm sorry I did not know where to put this. Sorry

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Mk8 All Metal Extruder to replace Mk10 plastic one

by Cathprotech

Hi all,

I'm doing a bit of tinkering to improve my Ender 3.
I have new Bowden tube, Pneumatic couplings, tips, etc and also stripped down my hot end and heat sink for a good clean.
Having seen several videos about replacing the extruder for an all metal one I place and order which came today.

The problem I have is that it is the wrong one, it’s a Mk8 and the Ender 3 has a Mk10.

Now fitting it all together everything looks fine, the only thing different is that I need to get 2 x longer screws as the original are too short to reach through to the stepper motor and the gear wheel / knurled cog has less but larger teeth, same diameter though. This is no big deal with the screws and I don’t even know if the gear wheel is the same for the all metal Mk10 anyway.

As far as I can see, everything appears the same as the Mk10.

So, my question(s):-

What is the difference, advantage / improvement wise from the Mk8 to the Mk10 ?
Would there be any reason I should not go ahead and fit this all metal Mk8 extruder to my Ender 3 ?

I have seen the odd YouTube video where they have and Ender CR10 and the exact same extruder that I have.


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