BL Touch using a Mac

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HI, I'm currently trying to install the BL touch to my ender 3 pro but getting no luck, as all the programmes I have tried don't seem to work on the iMac any help would be greatly appreciated

I was finally able to set up the necessary BL Touch firmware on my Ender 3 Pro using my MacBook.

You install the Bootloaders first : How to Install Bootloader & Creality Firmware on Ender 3 & Ender 3 Pro by BV3D: Bryan Vines - Jan 6, 2020

Then, using OctoPrint, set up the Firmware Updater Plugin
OctoPrint and the Firmware Updater Plugin:
How To Flash Firmware From OctoPrint To Your Ender 3 Using Firmware Updater Plugin by Dan Hergenreder Jr

    AVR MCU     Programmer  Example Board
    Atmega1284p arduino     Anet A series, <a href="https://www.amazon.com/s?k=creality&linkCode=ll2&tag=tv-printerlink-20&linkId=fb73b7199b6aab27c98136def5ec96ae&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl">  Creality</a>, Ender, etc.

And then get the BL Touch Firmware from Creality and upload it through OctoPrint !
The actual firmware file:

Product Description
    Ender-3(Pro)/Ender-5(pro)/CR-10/Ender 3v2
    BL Touch Firmware


Ender-3 Pro

(2019.11.13)Ender-3 Pro1.1.6BLTouchV3.1PowerLossContinueEnglish.hex

Last step: Calibrate !

hi can i please have more detail on why i need to install bootloader to install a bl touch and a updated version as there are so many ways you to install .eg using a sd card or not installing marlin

I just shared how I did it.
If you have found a workflow you like better, go for it.
Good luck.

Okay thanks, just double checking to see if this method still works as i have not receive the bl touch yet. And one more question do you need a raspberry pi for octo print? Asking this because in the tutorial it says find the ip address for the raspberry pi. - thanks

Not necessarily. https://octoprint.org/download/ offers multiple download options.

How to Install Bootloader & Creality Firmware on Ender 3 & Ender 3 Pro by BV3D: Bryan Vines - Jan 6, 2020

All done on a MacBook !!

Watch the TeachingTech videos on youtube, he has a perfect walkthrough of first installing the bootloader and then either marlin or th3d's firmware using an arduino uno and ide. Using ide on a mac is the same as using it on windows so his videos still work find.

You get a lot larger audience on fb groups for these things, did you follow the teaching tech videos?

You need to tell us what exactly is not working because for example I'm on a Mac and everything works :) so what's exactly the problem?

Hey There.
I wish I had come this far...
My issue with the thing is that my Mac is not even recognizing the USP ISP that came with the kit. It supports the printer with power however so I assume that it's working on a level of say: I connected the cables right.
Any Ideas?

Ah yes... Now that you've mentioned it i think unfortunately i had the same issue... I ended up flashing the boot loader from my windows (bootcamp and i had zero issues there) and then i was able to continue everything else from macOS.

I presume it's some driver issue or whatever but i didn't want to waste time on chasing the issue down the rabbit hole so i took the "easy" path :)

Thanks Buddy.
I'll try that.

Ive been watching tutorials using TH3D software and can't get that to work, I'm unable to find a tutorial on the Arduino software

TH3D version U1.R2.9 is pretty painless for BL-Touch installs as it includes explicit settings for it. You do need to disable the boot screen to free up memory.

Did you look at the OS X help link on the TH3D help desk / unified firmware page? (https://th3dstudio.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000460795-arduino-ide-for-mac-os-x-setup-guide).

Not a Mac user, so cannot really address that part. If you can run the Arduino IDE on your Mac, you should be able to do the TH3D setup. Do you have trouble getting the Mac to connect with the Ender USB port? Have you flashed a bootloader on the Ender board? It is a pre-requisite for doing a firmware update via USB & must be done with a direct wired connection to the Ender board (via the Arduino IDE & a device functioning as an ISP programmer).

can't I just use the SD Card?

Not to burn boot loader or to upgrade firmware. Bootloader burn requires physical connection to specific pins. Firmware update requires access via USB.

BLTouch and TH3D are a bit of a nuisance, I ended up using the official marlin firmware.

I followed this

I will be going to try this way tomorrow thank you!

+1 to this, ditch th3d and go with vanilla Marlin

Installed Marlin 1.1.9 on my Anet A6, Ender 3 and FLsun 5c+
As for a larger audience on facebook, yeah, tons and tons of mostly gibberish.

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