Day One Upgrades

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So.... I just bought two Ender 3 V2's for work. This isn't my first 3D printer. We have an Ultimaker 2E at work, but it is old and lonely. And I have a Qidi X-One at home.

We were running into annoying "traffic jams" with the UM2E. Sometimes we needed to print something, but the UM2E was in the middle of a 24 hour print, or it was down for maintenance. We needed some redundancy and extra bandwidth.

I debated for a long time about what to get. I could have gotten another Ulitmaker2, but I could get a lot of E3V2's for $3,000. And LOTS of people seem to have great success with the E3 family. I didn't need a giant printer, we are printing "fist-sized" PETG parts.

What are the DAY ONE upgrades you would recommend? I know that I could go crazy and turn it into a monster if I wanted to, but what are the more basic necessary mods I need to make? 3D printed? Purchased?

So far I have bought:

  • Silicone "Springs"
  • Bed Insulation
  • Micro SD Card to Normal SD Card cable
  • Anti-Backlash Nuts
  • Flexible Plum Coupler
  • Capricorn Tubing

I plan to get a new extruder. Which one? Ezstuder? Plain Jane All Metal Extruder?

I plan to add the squash ball feet.


I'd run them stock until you have problems. I bought one to have at my son's house. Lives in an unheated, uninsulated, dusty garage. It's been running without a problem for a year. He's pretty close to a complete noob (or was) and thinks nothing of running 24 hour prints. I've run lots of petg through the stock tube, but switching out for a Capricorn is probably not a bad idea.

Apart from a magnetic flexible bed (e.g Wham Bam) The most critical thing is printer assembly and calibration. If everything is trued and square, all wheels etc adjusted correctly you should get excellent repeatable prints

Below is an excellent series of vids on how to do this properly


Optional, but I would recommend getting a bed leveler such as bltouch

Recommended updates:

  1. cable chain
  2. enclosure
  3. BLT
  4. BMG Direct Extruder
  5. X & Y linear rails ( in about a year)

And Next time Buy a flashforge for work leas problams and the the price is reasonable .