Upgrading stock Ender 3

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I have done a few mods, filament guide, bearing and housing for leadscrew,fan guard, glass bed, new springs etc.
I am now at the stage, thinking about new main board and possibly control panel
I ask, control board, I will have no problem installing, what I have never done, is update or flash firmware !!
I see many boards out there, I think I am swayed to creality
I welcome anyones advice please

Hello, I think you will not have a problems if you choise 32bit mainbord Creality v.4.2.7. with silent drivers. You need just makes photo connect wires with your old mainboard unmount before. Install new motherboard and connect the wires as in the your photo, the connectors on the board are marked. Update software of 4.2.7 mainboard is very simple from SD Card.


Many thanks my friend