Upgrading stock Ender 3

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I have done a few mods, filament guide, bearing and housing for leadscrew,fan guard, glass bed, new springs etc.
I am now at the stage, thinking about new main board and possibly control panel
I ask, control board, I will have no problem installing, what I have never done, is update or flash firmware !!
I see many boards out there, I think I am swayed to creality
I welcome anyones advice please

I have the original Ender3 and upgraded to the MicroSwiss hot end and 4.2.7 silent main board. I also run a Raspberry Pi 3B + with Octoprint to network my printer. The rest of my mods are cosmetic or cable management until I get the Hero Me Gen 5 fan housing installed.

I have replaced my stock board by an SKR mini from Bigtreetech, it is not the easiest replacement and you will have to modify some things in the firmware for the BL-touch and the powerconsumption of the engines, (The marlin software says 580 mA it should be 410 mA otherwise your steppers will get too hot).
Not the easiest but there are tons of sites explaining stuff, there is probably even software readily available for your ender by now, maybe even comes with the board, AND BOY is it worthet, more silent running engines, more accuracy, better prints, this went from and Ender 3 pro to an ender 3 PRO if you know what I mean.
Not saying that the SKR mini is the way you should go there are dozens of other options but they all have their distinct problems, what I do recommend is that if you do not have a BL-touch, to pay the extra price and add it, you will need to get access to the motherboard anyway so what better time to add a BL-touch, this way leveling your board is a thing of the past, Be carefull though on the SKR MIni the wires for Z-probe are switched around. Allways check for that even on other boards

Many thanks
Very informative, I know what I am looking at now

First of all, what is the goal/expectation behind that upgrade? (we don't even know what ender 3 version resp. board do you own exactly...)

In general you have two way:
a) Marlin way - you can upgrade to skr mini e3 2.0 which allows you to use features like linear advance in marlin and solves small pains. (like additional pwm controlled output, better cooling of drivers....)
b) Klipper way - you can stay with whatever board you have - buy raspberry, install klipper and you will get access to features like pressure advance (alt. to linear advance mentioned above), resonance compensation that hugely improve print quality and allow you to print much faster even with slinger printer. Klipper solves key pains of old/slow/legacy mode boards by moving computation to raspberry. By involving raspberry you will get access to more features that will improve your printing comfort.

c) Mixed way - it's reasonable but not necesarry to make both upgrates (skr + klipper) It's the most expensive way.

I pretty soon after buying my Ender 3 upgraded the main board with a BigTreeTech SKR mini E3, v.12 back then but I believe they reached 2.x by now
Never had anything to regret that step.
As to update/flash firmware: I recommend you wait with that until you have a board like the mentioned one that makes the process so much easier. But then: go for it, try things out.

Many thanks, a great help