Dual Extruder Troubleshooting (Slipping, Thumping)

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Hey all,

I recently got a dual extruder for my Ender 3 Pro (IDEX dual extruder) and I'm having trouble printing with the second extruder

The second extruder has a habit of failing mid print. It can’t extrude the filament, and makes a slipping, thumping sound when printing, causing there to be incomplete infill. Here's the strange thing though, when I stop the print to check the filament, it's not clogged. If I extrude some PLA after stopping the print it comes out just fine.

I’ve tried increasing the temperature, changing the nozzle, and slowing down the print, but it continues slipping. I tried doing a test print file with two different color blocks and that file printed successfully, but this other file continues to fail. Both files use the exact same print settings. Something interesting to note is that even in the test block print, I hear occasional slipping, but the print still comes out successfully

I’m thinking it has something to do with either the extruder motor, or the print settings, but I’m not completely sure. I’ve ordered another brand of bowdin tube as well in case that’s the problem. I’ve also attached the file I'm trying to print, the test file I made, and some pictures of what the failed print looks like. You’ll be able to see the weak infill the higher the print goes and stringing in the photos

Please let me know what you guys think, I feel like I'm reaching the end of ideas I've got. Thanks

Looking at the picture my first thought was under extrusion. But if clogging is out, have you tried a different filament? How's the tension on your belts? I've been tempted by the IDEX but don't have that setup. Has Kane (the designer) been helpful in your build?

I replaced the brand of filament and now it's working pretty well. It's not 100%, but this was the first successful dual print of this file I've had. So does this mean my second extruder can't take the previous brand of filament I was using? That would suck since that's the majority brand of my filaments currently...

Is there anything else that this problem could be? I've added some pictures of the successful print, you should be able to see that there are some missing gaps, but nowhere near as bad as before

I get most my "Odd" extrusion problems from heat creep from the throat of the nozzle into the heater block. How is the second extruder cooled compared to the first one? Have you tested to ensure both fans are performing equally (I am assuming dual fans). Is there anything blocking airflow? I once had the ornamental piece for the Hero Me 5 cooling duct cause me all kinds of issues because it restricted airflow to the hotend.

I haven't tried using a different filament yet, mainly cause the same brand was working on the other extruder. I'll give that a shot.

As for Kane, he was very helpful and responsive during the setup and troubleshooting process of installing the IDEX. I sent him a message about my issue yesterday, at around the same time I made this post. So I'll let you know what he thinks after he responds.