Part cooling fan voltage issues

cooling Ender_3 ender_3_v2 part voltage

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Hey folks having issues with my parts cooling fans and that they pulsate with a "da da da da da" type sound. Doesn't make it when at full power. They still work but pulse type thing... Upon checking with multimeter when the power it at anything other than full the voltage is jumping give or take 8-10v which I assume is why the fans are doing what they are doing. Replaced fans, same thing, replaced cable, same thing, put original fan back on that came with the machine and yet no joy either. Tried into 2nd port on motherboard, same thing which leads me to think there is an issue with my motherboard?
Ender 3 v2
4.2.2 Board
Was working fine. Disconnected some bits to add dual z setup (not plugged in yet as I wanted to make sure all still working before I added wire) I also followed and triple checked wiring on all ports on the board to make sure all was in correct place.

Did you do anything to the firmware? The pulsing maybe could make sense, since that is how it controls the fan speed, if there was something messed in the firmware.