Help updating Cura temperature settings for micro swiss hotend

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I recently purchased a micro swiss all metal hotend and installed it on my ender 3, but I can't figure out how to update the Cura settings to allow for hotter prints. Can anyone help?

Under the blue tile bar saying Ultimaker Cura, there is a whit bar with your printer name and generic PLA (or PETG) and then turns grey with some menu items, the very last one is an arrow pointing down, this will give you all the standard settings, which you can adapt from two rows down where you will see a hamburger menu (name for three or four dashes on top of eachother), click it and you can literally change every setting except for the color of your girls underwear

I purchased the direct drive and all metal hot end for my E3 Pro. Creality’s firmware is limited to 240 degrees due to the hot end installed at the factory not being all metal. It has a PTFE tube that off gasses toxic fumes above that temperature. The only way to increase the limit is to flash a custom Marlin firmware with a higher temperature limit.

Preferences/Configure Cura/Materials..click on the Print Settings Tab.
Unless you need to tweak something, the setting might be already set.
Then you just use the dropdown menu for whatever material you're using before you slice.
That setting will be saved to your G-code.
It's a good idea to rename/tag your G-code so you know...xxx-PETG.gcode or xxx-TPU.gcode.

I had to tweak my PETG settings & create a PLA+ setting for PLA+ & GITD.