Not sure how to describe or identify the problem with my prints?

by jmonica

HI, I'm new here.  Been 3D printing with my Ender 3 Pro for about 2 years. I'm having an issue but I am not sure what to call the problem in order to research possible fixes for it. I was hoping maybe someone might be able to help me identify exactly what's going on with my prints? Please?

I recently had the extruder handle break and so I bought a new one. It was cheap and terrible and so I took the one off my other printer, which at first worked great, but two weeks into using it, my prints are terrible.

I've tried everything that I can think of so now I'm stuck. And it stinks and it's very frustrating.

The part in this photo is small. It's 22mm x 10mm.

Any idea what I am doing wrong or what's wrong with the printer / settings?

This is printed with PLA+ 220/60 degrees. It was printed standing up tall. Thank You. Any help would be very much appreciated!

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New to printing, need help fine tuning

by Drchuckster007

I just built my first Ender 3 V-2 printer, and I've been trying to read articles and watch videos about how to make my prints smoother and higher quality.
But I've been having issues with stringing and also extra nubs/blobs/zits of material left on corners or edges.
I've tried using test prints to gauge my temp, over/under extrusion or retraction, bed leveling, and I'm not getting different enough results between them to tell if it's working.
So my guess is it could be something mechanical that I'm not aware of.

Printer references:
• preset Super Quality in Cura 4.2
••• 200°C, 0.12 layer height
• 0.4mm nozzle
• 1.75mm PLA filament

Help Issue Learning New
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Extrusion issues halfway through the print

by ColtonSparks

I have had my Ender 3 pro for about 2.5 years and recently it has been stopping extrusion when it is 5-7mm through the print. I tried different extruder motors and a new mainboard but that did nothing. The only thing I can think would be happening is the issue doesn't start until the parts are heated up. This has seemingly showed up out of nowhere. Any help would be appreciated.

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Rough print

by Seversz

Why would one side of my print have a wiry finish on the bottom? I tried rotating the design and got the same results.

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Ender 3 s1 y-axis loud travel

by robjohnson1138

I bought an Ender 3 S1 about a week ago. Everything is going pretty well, I have it dialed in, good prints. It's really quiet when printing... EXCEPT...

During higher-speed Y-axis traveling (bed moving front to back or back to front) the travel is loud. Almost a "woop" when it's moving. Kind of sounds like when you rapidly move a zipper (although a little lower pitched than that). Regular printing seems really quiet, especially compared to all the "singing" of the steppers in my last printer. But this loud Y-axis is a bit bothersome. To clarify - it seems like non-printing travelling is doing this - not regular y axis travel during printing.

I've taken it apart. Print bed on its own moves smoothly and easily, no wobble, very quiet. I didn't find any loose fasteners.
I get some noise when the belt is attached and I manually move the bed (with unit off or steppers disabled) I can't see that the belt is rubbing on anything. Belt tension doesn't seem to affect the sound. I took off the bottom panel and tried some electrical tape around the edges to insulate the panel from the rest of the printer. Didn't seem to help.

I'm using Cura as a slicer. I originally set print speed at 50, (35 walls, 25 top and bottom, 50 infill) and Cura automatically wants to set travel speed in this case for 150. Even at 100mm/s travel Y is quite loud. Closer to 75 it's a little better, but still quite jarring.

Checking again - moving x-axis manually makes the same kind of sound, but softer. I'm beginning to think the body of the printer is acting as a sounding board when Y-axis moves - and that's amplifying the sound.

If this is just the way it is, I'll deal with it. I'll just have to come up with an enclosure to deaden the sound, I guess. But if there's something I'm missing, I'd appreciate any advice.


ender 3 s1 loud y axis
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what to print

by wbailey56161

my girlfriends birthday is coming up but I have no idea what to print her. I have a fully built ender 3 v2 so n model is to hard or complcated. I need ideas so if you respond thank you in advanced

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Ender 3 Pro not printing from SD card or Octoprint

by DigitalMom40

I have tried to print on my Ender 3 Pro all day long, I've tried using the SD card & Octoprint, machine heats up just fine, everything looks really good and it allows me to print from SD card, or send to Octoprint. But that's as far as it gets, its almost as the machine receives the command to print and the gcode is sent as the nozzle and bed list as heating up before printing. But then nothing happens, and I mean nothing. It says there is a print running it even shows a print running through Octoprint, but it is literally doing nothing but sitting there. Any idea's what could be causing this? I thought at first maybe my Octoprint needed an update, so I did that, but I am still stuck at the same places. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

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Does anyone know how to repair a faulty bootloader 32bit

by Dragnar

After my last flash of the Firmware It refuses to flash again. I'm assuming it might be the bootloader

Steps I have taken to make sure it's not an id10t error.

I made sure the file names starts with firmware and ends with .bin
I have made sure the name of the file is different from the any other firmware.
The memory card was formated fresh with a fat32 formate.
The chip starts with only the firmware bin file. However after putting it in the machine it gets a EEPROM file added to it.
I also Ejected the chip from the PC (often a useless step I know)
The machine is turned off, Card is inserted into reader, The machine is powered on.
Normally their is a bit of a wait as the firmware updates. however in this case it just comes right on as if it doesn't have a Firmware file on the chip.

Also if you see the post below I had fixed the glitchy screen issue but the print still stops. I'm thinking I might of used a 512 firmware on a 256k chip board, however I can't fix the issue I believe I'm having with printing as the machine now won't flash.

I have flashed it before and the machine works up to the point of printing. Freezes and locks up as it is likely loading too much on the process the firmware thinks it has while it is half that.

So this might not be the bootloader, but I have no idea what it could be and I've stumped a expert on this. (One of the youtubers but he's never messed with a 32 bit bootloader)

Also if it helps the chip reader seems to be good, It can read 3d prints, and the printer might not like when I put a chip in while it's on, but it reads that I've put a chip in it. It however won't show the files on the chip until I've rebooted the machine.

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Unknown Printing issue.

by auzzie817

I’m definitely very new to this,
I have been having this issue on multiple prints recently, even ones that have turned out many times.

Bed is level and PLA filament is feeding and extruding fine.

At a loss on what the issue is or what I can do to fix/prevent it.

I added a photo as an example of what the issue looks like.

Thank you to everyone.

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