Ender 3 Troubleshooting

by TekMason

SHENKOE has done some great work in this forum and has created an excellent Ender3 Troubleshooting guide.

See SHENKOE's thing:

OR his post in this group:
Troubleshooting. - General - Creality Ender 3 - Groups - Thingiverse

Creality3D Ender 3 Thingiverse group
Creality3D Ender 5 Thingiverse group
Having problems with your Ender3? See Ender 3 Troubleshooting
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I didn't order spaghetti!!

by archcsr

Can anyone shed some light on why this happened on my E3 S1 Pro? Thank you! Photo attached,

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Homing issues

by Stolowma

My E3 Pro with a SKR Mini E3 V3 board has suddenly started having a problem with homing the X & Y axis. I printed a week or so ago and it worked fine, turned it on the other day and can't get past the auto home sequence.
The X if you home it individually works as it should but with auto home it moves over until it clicks the stop switch, moves away as usual, then moves back into the switch and the servo keeps running until you shut the printer off. I checked the switch and even though it seemed OK I replaced it but didn't solve the issue.
The Y moves back, hits the switch and keeps going until you shut it off. The Z seems OK but I only tried it a few times because I'm worried about damaging something.
Resetting the EEPROM to factory defaults had no effect.
I'm stumped as to where to even start looking.

Help homing_switch skr_mini_e3
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Some kind of Thermal Runaway?!?

by TheEdAlander

I got this Ender 3 from a friend, so I have no idea of its medical history. Whenever I toggle the heating element (to preheat or start a print), it immediately begins screeching and doesn't throw up an error message. I would appreciate any assistance whatsoever. (This was happening before I completely disassembled it.)

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where can you buy the replacement build plate for ender 3?

by davidtriune

the build plate is a very gritty buildtak stuck on top of a g10 surface, and i really liked it. there was no better surface for my PolyLite PC. it would stick super well and came off easily.

I can't seem to find it anywhere on amazon or aliexpress. They all sell the smoother buildtak, which rips easily whenever i use it. however, it's an old ender 3 (from 3 years ago) so maybe thats why i can't find it anymore.

Do you guys know where you can get another one?

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Ender 3 V2 extruder fan noise

by bossblue

Had my 2nd Ender 3 for about 6 months now, when I first switch on, the fan on the extruder makes a shrieking noise for around 20 seconds then kicks into life, almost silent.
I ask is there anything I can check or should I contact Creality under warranty ?

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3d printing diagnosis

by gabe_murillo3

Hello! I am pretty new to 3D printing and recently purchased an ender 3 pro. Rather than scouring hours on yt to find my exact problem I wanted to see if y’all could give any help. My 3d prints lately have been a little more than acceptable but I want to get my prints as close to perfect as possible. Some consistent problem I am seeing are some of the layers don’t extrude right, warping, layers not being as strong as they should be, and the overall quality of the outside not being up to par. In the images are a print done of the handle for the ender and most of the issues seen are consistent throughout each print no matter what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by Mulz

Seeking help/Guidance . . . I have an Ender 3 Pro with a CR touch and every time I home the printer the nozzle presses into my glass bed before the CR touch activates. The printer was working for quite time without issue until this. I've been up and down the Z offset road and can not figure out why this is happening. Has my CR touch failed, although it seems to be working as it always has. What have been others experiences with a failure such as this?

Any help would be appreciated before I recycle the unit!

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Ender 3 Pro with 4.2.2 board and GD32 chip will not RE-Flash

by Daasu

I have an Ender 3 pro with a 4.2.2 board and GD32 chip. I've added a BL touch and wanted to upgrade the firmware. I was successful at flashing and loading Marlin 2.1.x with STM32F103RE environment. The bltouch didn't work properly and I had thought I did something wrong in the config files, so I change the file and re-flashed the board. I did this several times trying to fix the bltouch. After three days, I found out that I still needed the z sensor plugged in. When I plugged that in, the bltouch worked better but not to my full expectations. I re-flashed a few more times, but noticed nothing was changing. I then changed the the name of my printer in the config file and that's when i noticed I wasn't actually re-flashing anything.
Things I've tried:
rename the bin file. (which i don't think matters anymore because VSC changes the name each time.)
deleting everything off the SD card except the file.
placing the file in a subdirectory labeled "STM32F4_UPDATE" (recommendation from a post)
direct connection to my computer via USB (but VSC doesn't support direct connect on 32 bit boards)
Things I haven't tried:
formatting the SD, because I was able to use it to flash, why shouldn't it work to re-flash
using a bigger/small SD, same reason
Follow on research leads me to believe this is a GD32 issue. Even though I was able to originally flash with Marlin, a lot of posts say Marlin doesn't support GD32.

I tried to install the TH3D firmware, and it will still not re-flash. (https://www.th3dstudio.com/hc/downloads/unified-2-firmware/creality/creality-boards-creality/creality-ender-3-3-pro-ender-5-5-pro-firmware-v4-2-x-board/)

Please help!

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Print quality at edge of print bed

by SkaraBrae7

I have the Ender 3 V1 and I've noticed that when the print head gets to the edge of the print bed, the quality becomes very poor. Has anyone seen this before? I'm using auto-leveling and running Cura 5. Thanks for any insight.

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