Question about thermal runaway

by DEnder305

Why am i getting a thermal runaway alarm?

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Question about thermal runaway

by DEnder305

Why am i getting a thermal runaway alarm?

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Question about thermal runaway

by DEnder305

Why am i getting a thermal runaway alarm?

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Ender 3 random extrusion rate at wits end crying

by MeSoLost

Ender 3 v1
-50w heater
-direct drive (printed)
-generic BL touch clone
-4.2.7 mainboard

  • Octoprint in use now, previously printing directly from SD card

This is not the first time this has happened. Originally happened almost 2 months ago Ender 3 same config as now (except some firmware tweaks for leveling grid point density) with Prusa slicer and I switched to Cura and didn't have the issue again until now.

I am literally in tears right now this is just so flipping illogical and WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Do free slicers have an expiration date? First time around I was printing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3125601 connector_TOLLERANT and it would print the first few layers just fine and then it would randomly just stop extruding anything and then later start back up again like nothing's wrong, well after there's enough missing I'm baking flaky biscuits. I -WAS- using Prusa slicer and loved the settings being independently savable when this began happening and switching to Cura seemed to fix my problems.

Fast forward to right bloody now and I'm about to throw this thing in front of my ford exploder and not stop until all four tires are popped. I'm trying to print yet another copy of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4719859 and here's WTF I'm going through and what I've done.

First off, and one of the most infuriating parts is, the purge line prints just fine but this time not even the skirt will print! I was doing rescale:x99y99z150 and same BS (good purge, no skirt).

I restarted EVERYTHING and resliced it again, same BS. I resliced it at standard and same BS! I restarted EVERYTHING again and and resliced and, SAME BS! Somewhere in one of these I set the flow rate to 500% and something began to flow finally but after setting it back to 100%, guess what? SAME FLIPPIN BS! Twice in there I printed the last successful object printed, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2858209 with a beeper hole. Guess what? It began and did the skirt just like before, no problems! After all of this I finished up with a simple calibration cube and..... TOTAL FAILURE!

I even opened the gcode files and checked everything up to the skirt and everything appears to be relatively equal. WTF?!?!?!?! I've done all the calibrations, gone through my firmware settings with a fine tooth comb, reset firmware (now I have to calibrate again), I even have the extra material after extrusion dialed in to eliminate the holes I found were actually from volumetric flow acceleration exceeded on cheap filament AND fix the holes that were from this setting. Now I don't have to hide that hole and slice funny to accommodate it either. I've been through a whole list of issues and tracked them down myself with simple logic but this..... THIS ONE!..... -.- WHAT THE EVER LIVING DUCK IS GOING QUACKERS HERE????

Help... I don't know where to even start on this one. I've been searching sporadically over the last 3 months and found hundreds of tutorials and hacks and fixes for all sorts of problems but never this one. Actually, the only info I found about the extra prime amount after retraction was "do not ever use this." Literally nothing about this come up when hunting "under extrusion after retraction" which is kinda sad for those of us that are going insane for the issue of "it prints just fine except whenever it starts a new line." Logic alone lead me to fix this setting with no issues but this one here has me looking for a bat.

Resistor Box [Stackable & Customizable]
by STTrife
Ender 3 low profile extruder knob remix
Ender 3 Display LCD PCB Cover
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Ender 3 Display suddenly shows chinese letters and other stuff

by Poxos

Has anyone ever had this problem? It just started being this way mid-print. It also seems to press buttons on its own. It makes those beep noises once in a while, like when you klick something in the menu.

bug Chinese display Ender_3
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install BLTouch - Can't move down Z axis!

by jakedad

Hi - I am attempting to install a BLTouch on an Ender 3d Pro (mother board v4.2.2). I believe i have everything cabled and connected correctly. And I have successfully flashed the firmware (to version 1.1.2).

However, after booting back up I can not move the Z axis down. It will move up - but not down.

Any help appreciated.


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squeaky extruder after a bad print

by Yekt

Edit: It's fixed now

Hi everyone,

I'm new to 3D printing so please for forgive me for any mistakes that might be obvious to you.

Yesterday I had a bad print where the Z-axis refused to move up after the first 10 layers went down without issues (I suspect faulty G-code, but that's not the point of this thread). This resulted in the printer trying to print in the same layer over and over and over again. Once I noticed it I could see how the extruder motor was skipping continuously.

I stopped the print and tried to print a different file. This time it printed without any issues.
But I noticed how my extruder made some very loud and unhealthy squeaking noises when retracting. It's much louder than anything else on the printer and it definitely wasn't there before my bad print.
It sounds like a creepy rusted door and I made a short clip of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhCTd55bq9w

I tried to apply some fine mechanics oil from the outside without taking the printer apart but it didn't help.
Does anybody know what could be wrong and how I could fix it?

Maybe the shaft got bend (by skipping?).
Or the skipping introduced a Voltage spike that damaged the stepper driver?
Take it apart and apply more oil?

I hope someone can help me. This noise is really unpleasant..

Best regards

Ender_3 extruder Help
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Extrusion Issues???

by rmdawson

Just started to notice this issue when printing parts at 100% infill. The first few layers go down nicely with no gaps but as the height increases I start to notice gaps in the infill. I'm printing esun PLA+ at 215 C. I've made sure that my bed is level and my esteps and flow rate are calibrated correctly. However, I still am not sure what the underlying problem is. I attached pictures of a part but might need to zoom in closer to see what I'm talking about.

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Ender 3 max extruder issue popping noise

by bernhard85

Hello I am brand new to 3d printing and I just got my ender 3 max and it prints great except when printing anything that is over about 15 minutes the extruder motor will act like it's pushing to much to fast and it will make a popping sound and the gear and filament get forced backwards for a split second and im afraid im going to hurt the printer and I don't know what to change. I have tried the esters from 98.0 to 85.0 and no change at all in the sound and everything..?? I also turned the heat up a tiny bit to maybe melt it a bit faster but still no change? Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated thank you <3

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