The Creality Ender 3

by TekMason

Ender-3 V-slot Prusa I3 New fashion 3D Printer Kit
$200 USD est
On 2018-04-14 Creality Sales says that it will ship at the end of April.

Printing Technology: FDM
Printing Size: 220 x 220 x 250mm
Filament: 1.75mm PLA, TPU, ABS
Layer Thickness: 0.1 - 0.4mm
Precision: +/-0.1mm
Max Nozzle Temp: 255C
Max Build Plate Temp: 110C

Link to Preorder at Bangood
Creality 3D Ender-3 V-slot Prusa I3 DIY 3D Printer Kit 220x220x250mm Printing Size With MK10 Extruder 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

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g code being weird

by sir_slick

So my g code file is being weird. I have tried loading a g code profile from a previous print that has worked and that hasn't done any good. I don't know what is going on. I tried printing a raft, but it would only print half of it and then put the rest of the print on top. I tried ditching the raft but it would under extrude on the first layer. Any ideas on what is happening. I know this isn't really ender 3 related, but i figured i could come to you guys for help.
P.S. I have little to no experience with manually changing g codes

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Issues with print details.

by SuperNova0605

I have recently got an Ender 3X, (Which by the way I love it!) and I printed a calibration cube and a cali cat, and there seems to be an issue. The X on the calibration cube is more on the left side, and the cali cats face is also a bit to the left. Also some parts on filling in, and there is a weird line on the side of the cat. I attached some photos of what I'm talking about. I was hoping you guys could help.

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problem with the flexible filament TPU

by yackito

1st) I have this problem with the flexible filament TPU, I have been varying the retraction distance setting, from 0 to 12mm without getting anything.
Would you be kind to tell me what is the solution about this? I leave photos below
Thank you

2nd) in the photo of the extruder this would be direct or bowden?
Thank you

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X-Axis Gantry sagging

by VoltexRB

So I have the common problem that my whole X-Axis Gantry is lower of the right side than it is on the left. I tried tightening the screws on the left side but that didnt help at all. Any other solutions?

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full graphic smart display

by SavedDoughnut16

so I got a full graphic smart display, and cant get it to turn on.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076WQQX5K/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=A2K1WYI5NZ8QSW&psc=1
What EXACTLY do I have to change in firmware to get full SD support and get it to turn on. Thanks.

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Z-Axis Troubles

by sputrelo

Yesterday I printed a few things without issue, but midway through a print, the printer just stopped working. My LCD was frozen on the bootscreen and the knob was unresponsive. Powered off then on, asked to restart the print, selected "No". I then tried to autohome the printer and my Z-axis was turning very slowly, almost like it was binding. I then disabled the steppers and manually moved the Z-Axis without any issue (didn't feel any binding, smooth up and down motion. Is my stepper dying/dead? If not, any other thoughts?


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Random line is being printed on the left side of the bed

by JDog253

I've been using my Ender Pro 3 for a little over a month, and the journey has not been without it's speedbumps. My first Cura profile was a copy of the one posted by Flying Junkies (see youtube link below). A few minor tweaks along the way, and the profile worked beautifully for my needs and my projects were coming out smoothly, to include a wonderful benchy. About a week ago I had computer issues that corrupted my Cura profile and I had to start over, so I went back to that original video and copied the settings back over.
I quickly noticed that something was different, even wrong. Simple prints were showing 12+ hours after slicing and significant tweaking was required to bring down the print time to a reasonable level, but still much longer print times than what I was dealing with before. That's more of an inconvenience than anything. What concerns me, is how every print now starts and I have no idea why.
At the start of every print, the machine lays down a single line (see photos) along the left side of the print bed, then doubles back and tries to lay the line a second time. This second pass on the same layer causes the extruder to skip and I'm worried this will damage the motor or cause feed issues down the line because it sounds like the feed gear thingy is just eating away at the PLA before it even goes into the bowden tube.
A long winded post, I know, but I'd rather give too much info than too little. Any assistance would be appreciated, as I'm feeling a little out of my depth here.

(youtube link to my current Cura settings)

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Layer shift Part 3 (FRUSTRATION)

by Yelesay

I posted 2 topics about my layers shift.... so I adjusted the stepper motor for the Y axis and that seemed to fix the issue and the print it would shift printed great I set another print this morning and it started shifting again my belts are tighten it runs good i also slowed the speed of the print I don’t seem to know what’s happening. Could it be not enough voltage entering the motor and it skipping it and how do I fix it if it is..

I had a print that was an hour long and had no issues with the layers but this print is 3hr 30 mins

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Extruder Motor Won't Run

by CianJoyce

Hello. I've owned this Ender 3 since last year and when recently disassembling the extruder had a problem arise where the extruder motor does not want to turn at all. No matter whether I put on a print or prepare move axis it doesn't budge. Swapped extruder wires with z axis- extruder stepper moved but z did not. That to me rules out the wire. So I thought " must have blown the stepper driver or something I'll just get a new board". New board same old problems. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. I've tried swapping out the motors, the wires, the motherboard and prepared move axis tried to run gcode nothing can get the stepper motor rotating. I'm at my wits end I need this printer for college work.

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