Ender 3 Troubleshooting

by TekMason

SHENKOE has done some great work in this forum and has created an excellent Ender3 Troubleshooting guide.

See SHENKOE's thing:

OR his post in this group:
Troubleshooting. - General - Creality Ender 3 - Groups - Thingiverse

Creality3D Ender 3 Thingiverse group
Creality3D Ender 5 Thingiverse group
Having problems with your Ender3? See Ender 3 Troubleshooting
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Ender 3v2 extruder so close to screw

by bossblue

Can anyone help,
I have 2 Enders, my latest one the version 2 I did notice how close the filament runs to the screw
I bought a mk 8 extruder and it still the same, if not a little worse, I have printed and installed the roller bearing support for the top but it’s still the same
I welcome any advice you can give, has anyone else had this problem ?

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Printing issues with Ender 3

by Jacobsko98


I am printing with PETG ad 0.16 layerheigt en a hotend temp of 245 celcius and bed temp of 75 celcius.
Has anyone had this problem before(see the pictures)? it looks like under extrusion.
But I have checked the nozzle and ptfe hose connection.
So the nozzle is not clogged. The PTFE hose also connects decently.

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Ender 3v2 hotend fan replacement

by bossblue

Fan making some noise, will replace, looking for a more reliable fan than stock which came with it
Any recommendations welcome please

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Z axis wont go up but will with the lightest touch

by Sithmaull

Hi Everyone,

Im hoping someone can help me here. Im having a serious issue with my z axis, its "binding" or making a noise like the motors trying to spin but theres too much weight and it cant go up. It goes down ok but wont go up unless you very lightly touch the x axis gently underneath and then it raises smoothly. So i tried a brand new motor and no joy, then i connected the x axis lead to it from the board as a test and it went up and down just fine. So i purchased a new lead and the problem remains. Ive tried loosing and tighteneing everything but having no joy at all. Its been a week of me trying everything i can think off but im at the point of throwing it away.

Help me obi-wan thingiverse, your my only hope...

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Ender 3 pro restarts after heating.

by ignorantleaf

My issue is one i have not encountered before.
My printer goes through its start up and heating then it homes each axis like normal. As its about to extrude it goes back to the power on screen as if there was a power surge and the printer shut off. This is not the case as the screen never actually turns off.
I think its a power supply or mainboard issue.
Changes to the printer are silent mainboard and new power supply.
Trouble shooting i have done so far is to use different gcode files. I also tried unhooking the extruder motor as this was the last item before failure.

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Thin top layers

by SavedDoughnut16

So my ender 3 prints are coming out amazing after a few mods. However some top layers( especially flat ones) come out pretty thin and not even attached to the rest of the print. I didn't really ever have this problem before so maybe I accidentally clicked something in s3d but I'm not sure what it could be. The bottom layers come out perfect though.

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One corner of calibration cube not straight and smooth like the

by imran333

I’ve got a ender 3 v2, I’m just a real beginner and I used it before for some prints and stopped using it , now I’m going to use it again, I calibrated everything including Z offset as I have a bl touch and I tried printing the cube , everything looks good including the measurements but one edge is not straight and smooth and rest is ok so need some help with it

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Ender 3 Pro Project

by BigRedMX23

Hey Ender 3 Pro Group . I am currently enrolled in an engineering class at my high school. My group is currently trying to find a way to automatically level the bed on an Ender 3 Pro. We are trying to gather data and was wondering if you all could take a couple of minutes to answer this quick survey. Thanks


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Ender 3 V2 Extruder stops spinning mid print - not clogged

by turnt

Hey Guys,
I've got a fairly heavily modded Ender 3 v2, part of the mods is the Micro Swiss direct drive addon and all metal hotend. I've had it for quite a while now and all has been well.

During the last few prints my extruder has stopped spinning mid print. It always seems to be around the 1hr mark or so and I can't work out why.

First thing I thought was well, it's probably a clog.. But I can see the gear isn't spinning at all. It's as if the printer just totally loses connection to it or decides it's not needed anymore. But without touching anything if I restart the print it works 10/10 times. Out of curiosity, and once a print had failed, I spun the extruder manually by hand and it spins totally freely, like I've clicked "Disable steppers" on the printer, none of the 'clicking' you'd expect if you were to try and do it whilst the stepper was in use.

From what I can see the connections all look fine and the cable doesn't have any play, there's no tension on it and it doesn't wiggle during the print so I can't imagine it has fatigued.

I haven't printed in a few months as I've been busy. When I printed last before my break the printer was 100% dialled in and rarely had issues, I changed nothing and now I'm dealing with this. Any ideas or suggestions?


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