Ender 3 - Stops after 2 hours printing..

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I have a strange thing with the ender 3. Using CURA for all my prints. I setup a normal not complicated print. 2hours and 2min into the print it stops. No error message on the screen. It stops like its finished? I dont know how that happened and I can not get that file to print, Is there even a setting in cura that will tell a printer to only print a part of a print job?

Thank you for any advice,,

I have the same thing happening with my ender and multiple objects. but I'm using octoprint.

i had that happen. if you printing more than one part with adaptive layers in cura settings on it freaks out.

OK! Thank you!! That's exactly what I was doing! So I have to print the parts separate

yes or turn off that feature. it happened on my anet and ender.

I went to tun off Adaptive layers and it was already off. So I guess thats not why it stopped 2hrs in a 1 day print? I am going to print the parts 1 at a time and see if that works. The model it setup to print all the parts at the same time. They are 1 object I have to break them apart.

ok. next maybe bad sdcard. well, i could be another setting. are you scaling them.

Hmm. If it was a bad SD Card I would think other things would not print. as far as scaling yes, I did make the object larger.

I've read of others with problems like this and it was cured by formatting the SD card. One bad spot would alway be in the same spot in a file causing the 2 hours, 2 minute shutdown.