Adhesion or extruding problem?

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New tube and new glass plate. Please diagnose the issue. Also have been trying to level bed. Using Cura 3 slicer. White filament.

I have the same issue, and it was underextrusion, the spring in the extruder motor was loose, I initially put a screwdriver to the spring but I have to be checking constantly because the gear doesn't bite well, my last solution was changing the extruder to a trianglelabs BMG clone from bang good

It was twisted filament.

I'm guessing wet filament or something. how long has the filament been out of the bag?
if not longer than a week. try cleaning extruder gear (it might be grinding filament, but this can also be because the filament is wet).
if longer than a week. try baking it in a convection oven. temperature 10-20C lower than you have the bed for the filament

That looks more like faulty filament than any slicing issue.

what are your slicer settings?

You can also try files that are pre-sliced and known working for the ender-3 - if they work it is your slicer settings.

Similar thing

Are you using the filament provided with the printer? That could be the issue cheap filament

Is that the only filament you have?

Yes but there is the possibly the filament got twisted. I did untwist it but needed to be pulled out and reinsert it.