Layer shift Part 3 (FRUSTRATION)

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I posted 2 topics about my layers shift.... so I adjusted the stepper motor for the Y axis and that seemed to fix the issue and the print it would shift printed great I set another print this morning and it started shifting again my belts are tighten it runs good i also slowed the speed of the print I don’t seem to know what’s happening. Could it be not enough voltage entering the motor and it skipping it and how do I fix it if it is..

I had a print that was an hour long and had no issues with the layers but this print is 3hr 30 mins

Try a different slicing software. Or you could delete and reinstall your current software. Also make sure that your g-code is set up correctly.

I’ll try a different slicer.....

It may be as simple as opening the extruder housing and tightening the bolts. Quick test nd couldnt hurt.

The layers shift on the Y axis.... so I think it has nothing to do with the extruded..... but I’ll give it a shot maybe it will work

my guess would be your belt on the bed is catching somewhere or maybe even up the ridge of the pulley near the stepper motor i added a washer behind the pulley wheel so it runs on the guide and not up the guide ... slide the bed back and forth and watch the belt see if its catching anywhere or if the belt moves from one side of the pulley to the other from back to front

Ok I’ll check out for that

Sux, I know how you feel, had a similar problem with my Delta printer some time ago.

This is a guide on how to check the stepper reference voltages:

I am looking for what mine were set for, think they were 0.7-0.8V but that is from my (poor) memory. I will look through my notes or check on the printer and update. I would not suggest changing them unless you have confirmed what they should be - and write down the original values in case you need to go back :D

One more thing I thought of was if you check the idler pulleys on the x and y for any sticking. I read something on the web where somebody found that on their machine, they just loosened the bolt a bit that held the bearing for the idler.

That last pic is the most correct setting for DC volts (the DC scales are in white, and they are noted by the V with the line and dots - the black V with the ~ is for testing AC voltage). But you are getting the wrong voltage at 4.96V. Hopefully you are not probing the correct points, since that voltage is too high for the stepper reference voltage which should be under 1 volt. I'd suggest that if you are unfamiliar with checking them, that you be extra careful though, since it would really suck to short something on the board with the probes at this point.

I’ll leave this for the last option...... I’ll work on the slicer maybe it just the slicer.... my cousin bought an ender 3 so I want to try the same settings the it and if the layers shift it’s something to do with the slicer if not it’s my printer.

I took a pic of how I checked mine. The black probe is on a ground terminal. It is hard to see, but I used the 2nd terminal from the top, on the bank of 6 terminals, which is labeled "GND" for the negative (black) lead. The positive probe is on the silver potentiometer next to the heat sink.

I measured mine and they were all set to 0.6V for the X, Y and Z, with 0.7V on the extruder. I have heat sinks on all my steppers and adjusted these from the factory values previously.

Ok I’ll check that. Thank you so much

so you had layer shifting on your delta printer and the issue was the stepper motor?

That guide is obviously not specific to the Ender3, but gives an overview. There may be a better link somewhere specific to either the CR10 or Ender3 which would be better. When I do this, I use one probe on ground connection on one of the screw terminals (that has ground), and then (carefully) check each pot with the other probe.

Ok I’ll look into it.... thanks a lot..... so you had layer shifting on your delta printer and the issue was the stepper motor?

On my detla I pretty much went the nuclear option and upgraded the heck out of it and did a slew of upgrades before the problem stopped. I have a theory that it may have been due to a somewhat melted bed clip (made of PLA, but I had been running more ABS when the problems started).

Oh ok.... I was thinking to check the stepper motor voltage and if it doesn’t work than I’ll take the bed apart and check for any error that might accur.... I’m really frustrated because before this printer I had a anet A8 and had problems with it so I sold it and bought an ender 3 but this happened

Sorry you are having problems with your Ender 3, I didn't see your first post so I don't know if you've already covered the obvious stuff.
I had similar intermittent layer shift problems when I first setup mine up - it was all due to cables snagging even with a anti snag end cap.
I was able to adjust the wire routing and add a zip tie and it has been OK since.
I had a similar problem on my MP Select Mini because I stupidly put something behind it that limited the bed movement.
What slicer are you using? Have you tried a different one?

I’m using cura slicer and I want to try another one.... I put something so the on the frame so the wire won’t snag but it still happens....