X-Axis Gantry sagging

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So I have the common problem that my whole X-Axis Gantry is lower of the right side than it is on the left. I tried tightening the screws on the left side but that didnt help at all. Any other solutions?

That is the best video I have seen on setting up anything printer related, super clear and easy to follow. If that does not fix it, send it back :D

When I first got mine, my gantry was way off. Tried to adjust the eccentric bolts and there was not enough there to fix it. Finally I got a square and found that my vertical pillars were not square and true. I had to shim the one (on the feed motor side) in both the X and Y axis. Once that was all square, I loosened all the bolts to the gantry and squared the roller plates to the gantry. Last I used the eccentric bolts to finish squaring the gantry to the unit. All in all it took me about an hour to square everything up.

It is worth the time to square everything up. Just leveling the bed to the extruder won't produce good objects. In my case the left pillar was not true to the right pillar and the gantry would have had trouble moving up and down.

I had to use a .01mm shim in the X direction and .02 mm shim in Y to square it up.

I had to do something similar, and also adjust the bolts that hold the side extrusions to the center beam since it was not sitting flat (loosen, put on a flat surface and rock it a bit, then tighten and re-check for square). The shims in the pics were added not to fix a problem but to avoid one since as I built the printer the extrusions on my printer were higher in the center than the edges and the cut ends of the verticals rest on them. The shims pictured are probably more than is needed in most cases (I hope).

popracuj śrubami mimośrodowymi, efekt gwarantowany :)

I tried to translate this and I think you said
work with eccentric bolts, guaranteed effect :)
am i correct?

screw with the center of rotation turned :) sory, translator ;) hi hi hi

I had the same problem, and fixed it by adding some additional eccentric nut adjusters to the non driven side of the X gantry.. Have a look at the attached pic..

Hmmmmm, let me see a pic.

This is probably the best way you can see it since I tried leveling the bed to it, the right screws are already all the way in and its still not enough

This is very interesting... is this a new problem, or did it come like this?

I honestly dont know, It was already pretty wonky when I got it but I thought the bed mount was just off but after a while I noticed printwalls not being exactly 90° when they should be, thats when I investigated and tried fixing the gantry screws but it only helped a little

Ok so it sounds like it came like this but you just didn't notice at first right? It might be something to do with bad parts in the printer. I would suggest checking the warranty on it. It all depends on where you got it from.

Did you try adjusting the eccentric nuts?

This is MakerSteve's guide to adjust the gantry, he has a ton of good info over there also:


Added some pics I made when I adjusted mine - pics are out of order btw (cant fix that unfortunately).