problem with the flexible filament TPU

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1st) I have this problem with the flexible filament TPU, I have been varying the retraction distance setting, from 0 to 12mm without getting anything.
Would you be kind to tell me what is the solution about this? I leave photos below
Thank you

2nd) in the photo of the extruder this would be direct or bowden?
Thank you

Hi, i'm not sure but the retraction speed seems very low. I have never used tpu, but for pla petg and abs i used 40 mm/s. Maybe you can try increase that speed.

The extruder in the photo should be considered direct because the ptfe tube is very short and straight.
I've notice that there is not coupler in the extruder, did you remove it?

keep me updated! :)

yes, so as not to have to cut it, or to enlarge the coupler
and I will continue doing more tests ...