Considering an Ender 3

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So close to about a year ago I bought an Anet A8. I had never 3d printed and it seem like a good printer to test if I would like 3d printing etc. So far I like 3d printing and actually have come up with some of my own designs and that. I was about to upgrade the frame etc on the anet A8, but then notice the ender 3 pratically is what I would be changing the anet A8 into (course some big differences on way parts move.)

So I am begining to wonder if I have just outgrown the A8. A8 I was considering upgrading frame to am8 and changing MB ramps.

I am wondering if anyone has done this and also owns an ender3 to compare what they experienced. I hate to throw money in upgrades to find that the base of ender 3 is better stock?

Any thoughts much appreciated thanks.

Want to thank everyone for their input. I went with an Ender3. Will see how it goes and thanks to those that posted up stuff to improve the printer. I will be adding some of that on =).

Ender 3 is my first printer, so I'am a noob at 3d printing. Anyway, I think Ender 3 looks very similar to Anet A8. Maybe you should consider some 3d printer with corexy design? It should be faster, probably quieter, better with ABS (I could not print ABS for now with a decent quality).
Ender 3 is good, but have some issues also: curved bed, open design, tricky to assemble it right (I know it's seems easy, but most likely you do it wrong at first time).

The 3 is a nice printer, but now you would really want the Ender5 vs the 3, taller build volume, solid cube design, 4 uprights bolted on and your done, or something like a cr10 mini, here is one, I bought his other one, so I know this can be had for 250 or maybe a few dollars under than https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m18758855622/

My first printer was an A6 that's a tad above the A8. With "mods" I got it to consistently get good prints. I then bought an E3 when they first came out close to a year ago and yes it's a very nice printer out of the box and "assembly" takes all of maybe 20 minutes and I've added a BLtouch for ABL and a glass plate.
If your restless with the A6 I also recommend you look at the larger Creality CR 10 like Ender3Guy does. There's just not enough difference between the A6 and E3 to make it worth while in my opinion.

Ender 3 is awesome! Great quality for the price, and super easy to use. I bought the Ender 3X, which comes with a glass plate, (I totally recommend it) If I were you I would totally get it. I love this printer so much. I almost got an Anet A8 but I decided to pay a little more and get better quality. Love this printer.

Metal frame on the A8 isn't worth it. If you did that you wouldn't see much improvement in quality - you would have to upgrade to linear rails. Looking at what an A8 can do, you'll fare much better with an Ender 3.

Alternately there's alwys the CR-10s pro, which you should definitely consider if you would like a larger build volume.

Used to have another a8,I made some upgrades but everything was a waste of money,I was thinking like you to buy the metal frame for anet but I didn't because it doesn't deserve it for me,when I saw ender 3 at 160$ in gearbest,I immediately sold my anet and brought ender 3,it's a very good printer with very good prints out of the box.
I suggest you to do the same thing.
Anet A8 was a pain in my ass for everything.

I started with the Ender 3, having seen a friend with an A8. He really likes the aluminum construction of the E3. Not knowing his printer that well, I have done many mods to my E3... spool guide, aluminum extruder lever, Capricorn Bowden tube / all metal fittings, tool holder, mainboard fan duct, display cover... soldered XT40 connector... custom Marlin firmware... then I put LED strip lights inside the frame and built a controller box for that. Then I replaced the hot-end shroud and duct with Mediaman's Hero Me Gen2 OEM. Still trying to get PETG dialed-in. E3 not the best choice for ABS btw. Each upgrade improved things a little bit over stock, and I'm glad I did them... but it has taken awhile. Now considering an upgraded motherboard... perhaps the http://www.paquetteengineering.com

Guess what I'm saying is, yes the E3 will print fine out-of-the box. Hatchbox PLA printed like a dream! No, upgrades are not technically needed (except for the extruder lever and soldering the XT40 connector wires.) But it is not a high-end machine. It is a budget machine, with very good performance for the price. With some dedication and time, it can be made great.

I have an A8 and an Ender 3. I started with the A8 and, after a LOT of work and upgrades (belts, Moffset, soldered hot bed wires, belt tensioners, BL touch and more) the print quality is not much different than the Ender 3 out of the box. BUT, I am not so worried about my printer catching on fire during a print. I'll even go to sleep with my Ender printing, something I never did with the A8. Also. the A8 used to fail on tall prints. All that being said- I got some really nice prints out of the A8.

Right now the A8 is getting a bowden set up and a different hot end- modifications are fun after all. I'm going to put a .2 nozzle on it, slow it way down, and try .1 layer heights and see what I get.

I am happy I got the Ender- like it more, and use it more, but I'm not throwing the A8 away.