S3D Ender 3 Profile

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Hi there guys,i found a very good profile for ender 3 on S3D.
Its from Filament Frenzy,he made a very fine tuned profile,im using it the last month and im very happy with the results,the only thing i have changed was temperatures and fan speed!!!
Check some prints i have done with this profile.
Hope you like it guys :D
Happy printing!!!

Hey man I just wanted to post to say thank you very much for sharing this. I've just started 3d world of printing and something was changed causing me to have problems with nearly every print after doing some hardware upgrades. Tried this and everything is FLAWLESS! Huge relief!!!!! Thanks again!

Awesome! This gives me perfect results! Thanks so much for sharing!

But it can be added to the guide as well as some people do have s3d and would appreciate it. Thanks for the info

Glad I helped!!

Looks wonderful. Too bad I do not have s3d