Creawesome Cura 4.0 mod

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Seen a video of this on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOn-VNqg2ac Figure it's worth a look as some of the print issues I've seen people are having with cura are addressed with this setup. I'm testing it now so your mileage may vary :) Link to git hub -don't use the clone version scroll down and use the link in the description. https://github.com/trouch/CreawsomeMod

This has given me excellent results if I don't use supports. Any recommendations on settings to actually get proper supports?

I run Cura 4.0 as an AppImage using ChromeOS's Linux capabilities. Works great. But I'm not sure with this configuration that I can get at that 'resources' folder to make the changes. Do I have to extract this AppImage somehow and install it like a real program? Bad idea? I did see on Github that Linux had not been tested. I'm willing to test, but not sure I can.

I use Linux also.

Just mount the appimage and copy all the contents into a folder. in that folder there will be a file called "AppRun" which you can click to launch cura. then you can navigate to usr/bin/resources and copy/replace files.

Actually I just started using this: https://github.com/probonopd/CreawsomeMod.AppImage
Seems to work.

For some of the folks who read this. I am in no way the designer, modifier or mac guy when it comes to this program. I just shared information that I came across to our group. some of the settings work great on this setup, some do not. I'm always willing to help the best I can, but I'm not the originator of this program. I don't even really know who did make it. just seen the video I posted and tried it out. It was fairly close to what I had as a personal profile with some slight changes. I hope this helps the new and old users alike. I can help tweek, adjust and pretty much help with anything mechanical on these printers. I'm not much of a coder or programmer though so I'm at a loss when it comes to making that type of adjustment. I use Win10 and have very limited knowlege about anything Mac, I do have a friend, but he isn't into 3D printing and pretty much my wife is the only one who uses mac. So sorry mac guys I'm a total noob when it comes to installing on those systems.

After close inspection of the custom profiles in the mod I see a few points which might improve quality but might cause issues on more complex prints:

  • infill is printed after walls, which makes overhangs more prone to sagging
  • infill wipe distance is set to 0mm, which makes infill less sturdy
  • combing off and z-hop don't look like a great idea with higher temperature filaments like PETG
  • reduces the print area to 220 x 220 which looks like a little trick to improve adhesion

In general this mod seems more fit for aehsteticly appealing models and less for structural components (I'm more into the latter) and has one disadvantage, at least on my computer: the whole slicer is slown down by the additional complexity of the frame rendered in the view.

I see a few improvements here and there which I'm currently testing and definitely the 0.5 wall line seems a good idea to speed up prints a bit, assuming the heater cartridge can cope with that on vase mode, which I tend to print at 200% infill: at 0.5 this is comparable to 250%... probably too much with ABS & PETG

Does anyone know how to download this for mac because I change the file name to "resources_old", insert the new one. Boot it up and no change at all and the file stays there ??? please help

The actual resource folder is inside the resource folder. Took me a while to figure that out. So: UltimakerCura show package contents->Contents-> resources->resources(this one)

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Has anyone been able to get it to work with Mac? I followed the instructions and replaced my resources folder and Cura wouldn't start

The actual resource folder is inside the resource folder. Took me a while to figure that out. So: UltimakerCura show package contents->Contents-> resources->resources(this one)

Unfortunately I have limited experience with the Mac side of computing so if anyone else out there can help pls jump in

I saw this yesterday. I installed the mod and did a test print with the calibration cube. One before mod and one after. I was happy with the before but the after was even nicer. I'm new to 3d printing and am having to learn what all the settings are in Cura. It's a bit overwhelming. So this mod really has helped me. Until I know how to tweak it on my own this will definitely do for now!

Thanks for the heads up. I really like some of the features. Like others have mentioned, having the nozzle size selection alongside the material selection is great. Much better than having to go into machine settings to change nozzle sizes.

I'm not seeing much difference in print quality but I was already having good luck in that department. It looks like most of the settings were very close to my own profiles (modified CHEP's profiles).

So far though, my favorite feature is that now if you change the default printing temp, it changes all of the nozzle temp settings to that temp:
Printing temp, Initial layer temp, Initial printing temp, final printing temp. Previously, you would have to manually change the initial and final temps as they were calculated as a percentage of the default temp. I have multiple printers and often need to print multiples of a model on multiple printers simultaneously but not always the same brands of filament so each printer needs a different temperature. It always annoyed me having to change the initial and final print temps independently of the default. I like to print at the minimum temp that provides good layer adhesion and even extrusion so it's totally lost on me why you would want to print cooler at the start and end of the print vs. the same temp from start to finish.

It's the little things... :)

Yes - what you said!

I've followed the instructions to the letter but Ender 3 doesn't appear in the list of Creality Printers available, any ideas?

when you load up cura does the Creawesome splash screen load? You also need to name your original Resource folder something else like "resource_old" and replace it with the one from the file. they will conflict and not load the custom presets

Thanks looks interesting, I plan to try this when I get home.

This works well. for now.

I'm trying it out now. My favorite feature is the support for nozzle size as a machine variant, making it selectable right along with the material in the center top dropdown. Previously I had found it best to define a separate printer for each nozzle size I wanted to use. This is better.
I had to hack in a mod to support 1.0mm nozzle size, though I expect more nozzle selection will come shortly. a couple of people asked for this already besides me.
The predefined magic number based layer heights also clean things up a lot for me. I don't have to have a bunch of custom profiles that I actually use while the UI stays cluttered up with the prior default layer height "quality" settings.

So far the settings look pretty rational and my prints come out fine. I tend to speed things up a little, whereas this mod is weighted a bit more towards quality. But it just takes care of all the stuff we'd like to have set up by default a whole lot better than the stock Cura.
Thumbs-up from me!

What did you change to get the 1.0mm nozzle? I have 0.5mm nozzle and need to add that aswell.

Rather than guide you through that, it may be easier to suggest you upgrade to Cura 4.1 and the latest version of the Creawsome Mod.
Trouch has added nozzles so it supports .2,.3,.4,.5,.6,.8,and 1.0 mm nozzles for now.

This looks really interesting! Please keep us updated with results :)

So far it's working good, one caveat was that it did dump one of my printers when I installed it at first.(Anycubic Kossel Plus) that correction is to go into the old directory and find the old resource file that has your other type of printer, copy n paste into the new directory. I've ran thru most of the new settings and it matches fairly close to my original setup. it did add a few adjustments I didn't think of so overall it's a solid setup. I did it for my fairly stock Ender 3 Pro now to setup for the BLTouch version I have (g-code Start & End need to be adjusted). I still need to test out the other non-Creality printers I have to make sure it didn't mess with those settings.

So far so good ...

I had been printing some TPU parts when I ran across your post, so I continued doing them with the creawsome package on 4.0. I wasn't sure how well it would work, but ran with the settings as-is. Surprise, surprise, it worked fine even with the bed heater turned off. Although the print speed was 50mm/sec, most sub-components were 25 mm/sec. No extruder issues (I'm running a modified extruder with a well constrained path from extruder gear to bowden tube) & good looking surfaces with good inter-layer bonds. It will be interesting to check out the PLA or PETG performance when I change media.

I just finished doing some printing in PLA using the "low quality" 0.28mm settings (components for supports for a 17" laptop). The speeds are definitely on the conservative side. I pushed the feedrate up to 175% - 200% during the print job along with upping the nozzle temp by 6 - 10 degrees to compensate for the greater flow. No issues with layer bonding, the only glitch appearing on a radiused inside corner when the nozzle was still at default temp.

Thanks. Installed it and printed a benchy. Didnt do wonders, but not bad. I need to tweak flow settings I guess as it is printing a .5mm wall with .4 nozzle.

That was the interesting part-according to a few people it is intentional and addresses some of the ghosting issues. The settings were fairly close to my custom setup but the additional options with nozzles and filament make this a nice interface to work with IMO