SUNLO PLA+: does not stick.

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I use a glass-bed and ist is leveled good.
When I use my normal material (PLA, PETG) everything is fine.
I bought 2 rolls of SUNLO PLA+ as it has a very good price at Black friday. I dont mind about the '+'

It does not stick on my bed.
I used different printig temperatures: 210, 220, 240, 250
..and different bed temperatures: 70, 65, 60

Nothing seems to help.
I have 2 3D-Printers. Both have the same problem.

Does anybody had the same problem and does anybody solfed it?


I user PLA+ all the time, its my go to PLA. I works for me with just a clean glass plate. I clean the plate twice with IPA and make sure I have a really good squish on the first layer. It looks like you first layer is just a tad to far away form the plate.


thanks to all of you, for your hints.

I clead my bed with alcohol and it does not help.
I used hairspray on the fresh cleaned surface. No sticking :(

May be it is me and I'm to dumb to use PLA+... So I give up on this and send back the unopened spools.


Light dusting of hairspray. I use the cheap Aquanet. Bonus is it also helps with releasing as it puts a slight barrier between your part and glass.

I had a lot of problems with their green, LOTS of warping bulging on the first few layers as the bed would only stick at higher temps but cause the prints to warp, and got a lot detachment on bigger prints. I did get it working eventually though. I used 215, then 60 bed for the first layer, I made the first layer much wider for maximum spread, also a bigger brim helped.Then reduced the bed temp to 55 or 50 on the 2nd or 3rd layer. Was a lot of hassle but finally got it to work.

Hi, I had your exact problem with SUNLU' s pla+, unfortunately on bigger prints the filament tends to warp and detach from the bed, even using a glass surface (i resized the ikea mirrors to fit the ender 3).
Recently a friend of mine recommended using hair spray, and it has solved all the bed adhesion problems i had.
I always use the really cheap ones you find in discounts, as they tend to have a higher siliconic percentage (terrible for actual hairs, but great for 3d prints!)
As a side note, i used it to print PETG and it works just as well.

I'm have the Creality glass bed. Temps are 215 and 60. I use only Sunlu PLA+. Make sure the bed is clean, I've found even the grease from a fingerprint can cause lifting, I use IPA to clean the bed.

i agree with you. Id just try leveling the bed possibly a little closer. Also Killrob you could trying using hairspray as well. I have the same setup as lenzjo and its been working for me. Like he said clean the bed with IPA after every print.

. there glass sucks imo

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. I bought it 3mths ago to replace the magnetic bed they provide on the pro. As long as you keep it clean and level prints will stick to it and then release when the bed has cooled below 30C.

I've had mine 7 months and has just stopped sticking completely, was fine for the first 5 months but recently it just wont stick anything and just going to get a PEI sticker as they have much better adhesion.

I bought 5 rolls of this 4 of them fine but cant get green to stick tried everything I think its old stock and got moist Dave

Check out CNC Kitchen's video about drying out filament that's absorbed some moisture, totally recoverable!

it prints fantastic for me even the carbon pla i just purchased more of .. if you mean sunlu
6o bed