Ender 3 v2 hot end assembly vibrating / shaking

ender 3 v2

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Ender 3 v2 hot end assembly intermittently vibrating shaking on the x axis. Checked belts are okay and hot end assembly moves freely when machine is off. Appreciate some help please

Here is a video showing the problem which starts at 1:33


1) Your cable is dragging on the bed
2) You have the printer on an unstable wire rack
3) You appear to be printing off the front of the bed
4) You don't appear to be printing anything *if you were i would suggest checking g-code for acceleration and jerk

Check you x axis stepper motor cable is firmly plugged in at both ends. Sound like a stepper drive/coil problem. I'd check:

  • cable first
  • if the cable is properly seated I'd swap the X and Y stepper motor next
  • if still does it on the X, I'd swap the cable going to the x stepper with the y at the stepper end only. The problem should move to the Y axis
  • then it can only be the cable or the stepper motor driver chip

Thanks will try this

Hard to guess from the video, your SD card may be corrupted if you are using one.

Not using an SD Card to print, i'm using octopi