X-axis not working during print, works during manual controls

Ender_3 x-axis

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I have had this issue for a while now and can't figure it out. It just started one day. When I begin a print from the home point it will move up the Y-Axis but not across the X-Axis. If I use the control options to move the X-Axis it will move back and forth by .1mm, 1mm, and 10mm no problem. I tried pushing the wires in to make sure they weren't loose, but if they were then I wouldn't think the manual Move options would work either. Any ideas?

Try sending command directly to the printer using cura(connect printer to PC) :
G1 X50
G0 X100
look at the gcode(you cane open it with text editor) , maybe its corrupted.
try a different STL file, or changing the sd card.