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I am Running a generic SN04 bed leveling sensor and need more distance. i ran it on the 5 volts from the main board, then i tried running it on the PSU's 12 or 24 volts(Does anyone know what it is?) and the distance did not change. The max voltage is 36 volts, has anyone run that and did it change the distance? also, does amperage matter and what is the max amps? I need help with this bc I changed some things and the sensor catches on a part bc the sensor is too low, and so my printer is currently inoperable. I need to raise it up. i have the stock Ender 3 flexible plastic(non-magnetic) bet with aluminum tape on the bottom.

The voltage is irrelevant to distance from the bed. Its the positioning of the mounting screws that determines that.

I mean how far it will sense. The distance to the bed is about 1.5mm