Ender 3 not storing settings

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Hi people,
Just done a nozzle change and levelled bed.
I altered filament temp to 200c and bed temp to 60c, scrolled back to store settings and got the beep, I then switched off, went to filament temp it had returned to 0
For some reason I think it has reverted to default settings ?????
Can I ask, am I doing something wrong ?
Any advice gladly appreciated

Do you have an SD card in your printer?
With the stock firmware by Creality, any changes that you make to the settings will not be saved in the firmware itself. It is saved as an EEPROM file on the SD card. That is where your changes are stored and applied by the built-in firmware.
Hope this helps.

And you would do this because?
If you were to change temperature and store it, firmware does not support it and it is actualy dangerous.
Just think if its ok for your printer to have temperatures stored and start heating whenever you turn on your printer :/

There are nozle/bed store temperatures in preheat option of the firmware, but they are not available on stock e3pro retards form creality keep refusing to rewrite fw to never version.

So if you want something similar, then you will need to make your own firmware.

Could be that the config structure updated when updating firmware, if you've done that recently. Probably worth trying to reinitialise the EEPROM, should be under the advanced settings menu somewhere from memory, just be aware it'll reset everything to the firmware defaults so write down your pid settings and z offset if you've calibrated those and re-enter them afterwards!

Thanks for the reply.
The odd thing is, it’s stock, just as I got it a couple of years ago now, I only ever slice on my laptop using cura, I then put file on micro sd card, put in ender 3 and away I go.
Have never updated firmware, to be honest, I wouldn’t know how to
Just puzzled, I changed nozzle and levelled bed, then thought I would dial in filament temp and bed temp via control knob on ender, never ever done this before, I clicked to store settings, got the beep, turned machine off and left it a while, turned back on, not the settings I had dialled in, tried this several times, the same results
I am confused as to why this is happening !!!!