Horrible printing at the back dispite leveling

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I'm having issue with one of my 3D printers at work, 2 of them seem to be printing fine, few issues here and there when starting out but generally ok but one just prints horriblely at the back. the front looks beautiful but the back is all messed up (images shown are before I leveled the bed).

I've level the bed over and over, the spacer and user made leveling prints etc. and they seem to be ok but when i do anything with volume like benchy/boat ihe back comes out horrible.

I'm still very new to 3d printing and I know I have away to go but atm I'm the only one close to be an "expert" at the school I work at.


I don't know for sure but I've seen something similar to what you described being caused by a nozzle that was damaged on one side.

Much better printing after replacing the nozzle, thank you!!!!

The base i suspect is that I've damged the magmettic bed cover and I'll need to get a new one, I used acetone to try remove the stubbon PLA when it was on one of the other machines and it just made it worse.

Thanks again for you help!!!

Thanks, I'll have a look and see what I can do!