Does anyone know how to repair a faulty bootloader 32bit


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After my last flash of the Firmware It refuses to flash again. I'm assuming it might be the bootloader

Steps I have taken to make sure it's not an id10t error.

I made sure the file names starts with firmware and ends with .bin
I have made sure the name of the file is different from the any other firmware.
The memory card was formated fresh with a fat32 formate.
The chip starts with only the firmware bin file. However after putting it in the machine it gets a EEPROM file added to it.
I also Ejected the chip from the PC (often a useless step I know)
The machine is turned off, Card is inserted into reader, The machine is powered on.
Normally their is a bit of a wait as the firmware updates. however in this case it just comes right on as if it doesn't have a Firmware file on the chip.

Also if you see the post below I had fixed the glitchy screen issue but the print still stops. I'm thinking I might of used a 512 firmware on a 256k chip board, however I can't fix the issue I believe I'm having with printing as the machine now won't flash.

I have flashed it before and the machine works up to the point of printing. Freezes and locks up as it is likely loading too much on the process the firmware thinks it has while it is half that.

So this might not be the bootloader, but I have no idea what it could be and I've stumped a expert on this. (One of the youtubers but he's never messed with a 32 bit bootloader)

Also if it helps the chip reader seems to be good, It can read 3d prints, and the printer might not like when I put a chip in while it's on, but it reads that I've put a chip in it. It however won't show the files on the chip until I've rebooted the machine.

Did you get this sorted out..??

Yes and no. I got them to send me a new board. It's just no here yet so My 3d printer right now is a big paper weight until it shows up.

Alright, keep us informed...good luck.

got a new board and it's working fine now.