Unknown Printing issue.

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I’m definitely very new to this,
I have been having this issue on multiple prints recently, even ones that have turned out many times.

Bed is level and PLA filament is feeding and extruding fine.

At a loss on what the issue is or what I can do to fix/prevent it.

I added a photo as an example of what the issue looks like.

Thank you to everyone.

Check your Top/Bottom Thickness in Cura..if you use Cura.
Open Cura, Right side open Profile Settings, click on Custom..
Scroll down to Top/Bottom & click the Reset Arrow to go back to Default for that setting.
Depending on what you changed, it might be best to do them all for now.

Barf. looks like under extrusion. Try replacing the nozzle. I have wasted hours when a simple nozzle change ends up fixing it.

Also check the pressure are on the feeder mechanism. Make sure it isn't cracked.

Defantly, you sholud also post youre printer Step/mm, you cane see thean on youre 3d printer control panel.