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I just built my first Ender 3 V-2 printer, and I've been trying to read articles and watch videos about how to make my prints smoother and higher quality.
But I've been having issues with stringing and also extra nubs/blobs/zits of material left on corners or edges.
I've tried using test prints to gauge my temp, over/under extrusion or retraction, bed leveling, and I'm not getting different enough results between them to tell if it's working.
So my guess is it could be something mechanical that I'm not aware of.

Printer references:
• preset Super Quality in Cura 4.2
••• 200°C, 0.12 layer height
• 0.4mm nozzle
• 1.75mm PLA filament

Actually forget all that..these setting are for .2 Standard Quality

Try Retraction Distance 5.0, Retraction Speed 20.0, Combing Mode Not In Skin.
Outer wall wipe distance 0.2mm
Make sure all 3 are checked...Retract before outer wall, Avoid printed parts when traveling & Avoid supports when traveling.

Also, try printing at .2 ..JMO

those are all good checks. A quick win might also be to slightly rotate your model within the slicer software before you solve for the tool path, and see if that will force a change in the location where the nozzle pull away from the print. Also, try out another slicer software &/or use the most current release of the sw. I run into this all of the time when I use OctoPrint with Octolapse, it has everything to do with @lion7718's comments and then some. Your models features need special treatment, and will have to figure out for that specific print on how to best deal with how and where the nozzle pulls away from the printed body.