Rough print

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Why would one side of my print have a wiry finish on the bottom? I tried rotating the design and got the same results.

It is your first layer's height. ! have a few thoughts you might consider, without knowing anything else about your setup, but only the picture you have shown of the bottom.

  • recheck and calibrate Z offset on printer
  • recommend that you use a bed leveler, BLTouch or similar if you are not already doing so
  • check your slicer settings - the software creating the g-code does make a difference (ex, PrusaSlicer produces better machine code than Cura- let the debate begin) - seriously through, if you need to inspect the gcode with a text editor to make sure the Z-height is actually what you think it should be, it is worth the trouble
  • if you are getting good prints for a time, and over a series of prints start to see this happen on the 1st layer, you might also make sure that your bed height is not changing - & consider using more stiff springs than what ship out of the box.

The overhang might not be the cause of the problem. Someone that I know has the same problem with flat prints on their CR10. Everything else prints well but the first layer is just a mess, even with a raft on it. That makes me think that the problem might be in the program you use to make the g code.

You should print it with supports

Agreed, that looks like a very aggressive overhang.

Another option would be to split it into two parts and glue them together later.