Just bought myself another Ender 3

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Hi People,
Just bought an ender 3 v2
May sound funny but having a slight problem, have glass bed, have one on my other ender 3, having problems with sticking, only done 2 prints so far but what a pig to get off
I am using bed temp 60c pla at 200c
Never had this before

You have problem with taking off the prints? Just wait for the bed to cool off (btw you can set 50C for it, should be good)
If you will still have problems (like with bigger prints) you can put the plate in the freezer or put an ice cubes on the flipped bed

Put in fridge removed ok
Never had this before, I enclose pic, showing outline of what was printed, re levelled bed all ok, still leaving faint outline behind of what I have printed

I have the same glass bed. Love it! If I want to removed the part right after printing I spray it one or two times with 91% alcohol and make sure it pools slightly until it evaporates. I still have to use the scraper sometimes but it always comes off. Plus side is you can clean the bed with the alcohol to be ready for the next print right away. The "ghost" view of the printed part is normal. You should see mine!

Also....IF I remember and that's a big IF I turn off bed heating after about half has printed and is well attached to the bed the part will then pop right off.

Many thanks, no doubts, it is good.