Strange under/over extrusion?

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Hey guys,
I just changed stock Ender 3 pro mother board with SKR mini e3 v3. I flashed marlin's and opened new PLA filament from Fiberlogy.
Before this whole change it was printing good, not great but surprisingly smooth and well. Now I have problem after problem. I fixed most of them but can't get rid of this strange texture that happens on begining of every layer. Just when it starts extruding it makes some gaps and after whole wall of layers it looks like chaos wave pattern. You can see it on photos. I tried to increase and reduce retraction, changing speed of printing etc etc. NOTHING HELPS!

This project can be bad looking cause it is just spray can holder for company car. But after this I wanted to print this awesome Mandalorian statue and I'm afraid it will happen again.

Just by looks alone, it looks like a flow rate problem.

Got the answer. I checked every piece of printer and ordered capricorn filament guide. It prints like never before :) absolute perfect.

So partially blocked Bowden Tube, that's a cheap fix.