Ghost marks left on refrigerator from a PLA printed design

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Hi, I’m new to 3D printing, and I thought that refrigerator magnets would be a great start. I used PLA silk filament, and then superglue to adhere a standard magnet to the back(there was an inset in the print.). It works great and I’m happy with how it turned out, but after putting it on my refrigerator, I noticed it was leaving very visible ghost marks of the magnet. I tried washing it away with regular soap and stainless steel cleaner, but neither helped. I had some superglue dissolver and that did remove the marks(the marks were definitely not superglue, I made sure it was thoroughly dry before putting it up.) Also I’ve used the same magnets before in other wooden refrigerator magnets that I’ve made and never had an issue with marks. But I have no idea why they were leaving marks in the first place? Anyone encountered this before or have any ideas? Thank you!

I would say it was the glue 'mist' that was left on PLA.
You can't dissolve PLA with acetone (used in super glue dissolver) and I know that Cyanoacrylate glue can leave white marks on PLA prints
So it went off the PLA and stay on the fridge

Better use some two component glue for PLA,or eaven heat up the magnet and merge with the print


If you do use superglue, leave the print magnet side up for 24 hours.
You will still see a little white around the magnet, but it won't be as bad as before.

Thank you both! I did try it using a different glue and that did the trick! Thanks again!