Print quality at edge of print bed

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I have the Ender 3 V1 and I've noticed that when the print head gets to the edge of the print bed, the quality becomes very poor. Has anyone seen this before? I'm using auto-leveling and running Cura 5. Thanks for any insight.

That also might be from a warped bed. Its not always your fault, they sometimes come from the factory warped.

I use a glass bed and I have no problems after I level the bed.

Try this, it comes well packaged and fixes a lot more stuff as well:

Barbarian3D has got this one, I concur. The bed isn't flat. as suggested try the glass bed, I've had the same issue and the glass bed completely fixed it on one of my Ender 3's.
If the problem still persists (& if it does it will be much reduced) try putting a 3inch square of standard printer paper in the middle of the bed under the glass to raise the centre slightly.
The bed is slightly warped with a dip in the middle. I personally don't use and auto bed levelling on any of my Ender 3's.

This is caused by heating and cooling and the bed well cup from expansion and contraction one of the things you can do is to put insulation on the bottom of the bed to distribute the heat more evenly accossed the whole bed.

You need to adjust the Z Offset (your too close).

Thanks Lion, I'll give it a try.