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Seeking help/Guidance . . . I have an Ender 3 Pro with a CR touch and every time I home the printer the nozzle presses into my glass bed before the CR touch activates. The printer was working for quite time without issue until this. I've been up and down the Z offset road and can not figure out why this is happening. Has my CR touch failed, although it seems to be working as it always has. What have been others experiences with a failure such as this?

Any help would be appreciated before I recycle the unit!

many questions....
Have you recently.... pulled the shroud off, is the CR Touch bracket on correct, do you have any shims..??
Have you changed out anything...bed, hotend, nozzle..??

Thank you for the response!

-CR Touch installed on bracket as it had been.
-Yes I've changed a bunch. . . added all metal hot-end, changed out nozzle to hardened. Everything worked after these changes were made, for a time.
-No shims

So no changes recently right before this started..??
Have you Stored your new setting after you adjusted the Z-Offset..??

I'm printing at the moment, so I can't give you specifics, but you can still check things out.
Turn the printer off & back on..when the Touch turns Purple (pin up), it should just be above the nozzle.
When the pin is down, it should be just below the nozzle.

No it really seemed to come out of no where. I'll run through everything again and see if I keep getting the same results. I appreciate you giving this your attention!