Some kind of Thermal Runaway?!?

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I got this Ender 3 from a friend, so I have no idea of its medical history. Whenever I toggle the heating element (to preheat or start a print), it immediately begins screeching and doesn't throw up an error message. I would appreciate any assistance whatsoever. (This was happening before I completely disassembled it.)

is the temperature moving at all when you heat it? or does it just start screeching ?

David, thank you for asking.

You have caused me to discover the following: It screeches for a count of five and then proceeds to restart the system. I had (in my ignorance) always just turned the printer off before seeing it restarted. It freezes on the 'Prepare' screen and then shuts off. I tried to post a video of my predicimnet, but Thingiverse does not seem to like that idea.

you probably need to check the connections especially the ones in this shot. make sure the green ones are clamping on the wires .

edit: if that fails you can connect your PC to the USB to see a clearer error message by pronterface. https://www.pronterface.com/index.html#download

  1. download pronterface and open it
  2. press connect button
  3. set the heat
  4. watch for error message